Art for Wellbeing

Discovering the power of art therapy in self-exploration. 

This group provides a safe space in which to improve coping skills and promote well-being through the use of art. You need not have any natural creative talent or previous experience to join. It is the process, rather than the product which is important!  

Each week you will have the opportunity to check in with other students, explore a particular theme with the facilitators from Student Services, work creatively for around an hour and then discuss your work (or not if you prefer) in a group format

All materials are provided free of charge and include paints, pastels, felt markers, watercolour pencils, material for collage and various papers.

What to expect

You will explore a different topic each week and have the opportunity to different art materials including paint, collage, drawing and more. 

Anyone can attend as many of these groups as they wish regardless of art experience. Art created in these groups are personal reflections to be used in a therapeutic context to explore the weeks topic.