O-Week is for everyone!

22 July 2019

Submitted by Sarah Richards (UQ Volunteer) - edited by UQLife

Wearing one of those bright white ‘Welcome’ shirts, greeting eager new students, I decided to spend my first two weeks volunteering at orientation. I had no idea what I would be getting myself into, but I was honestly surprised how much I learned about UQ through my time volunteering.

I assumed being a volunteer would just involve assisting and helping new students, however, I discovered many misconceptions about orientation. Amongst all the excitement of a new semester starting, and the endless buzz of activity and live entertainment, I was reminded of the most extraordinary part of UQ – the community.

Every day was different. Most days I was working in the hub soaking up the cruisy vibes and contagious energy of the excited students. I was also constantly meeting new people and making friends with students from entirely different degrees and different parts of the world. Campus events such as the Welcome Hub, Market Day, Free pancakes and the Guinness World Records Attempt were all beautiful reminders of the enriched campus life and community UQ offers and I was lucky to be a part of that.

Whether you are attending orientation or helping out, I highly recommend everyone gets involved. O-Week is not only great for new students to learn about campus life but it is also an incredible opportunity for current students to showcase the incredible community UQ has to offer.