Introducing... From the Couch

31 August 2020

From the Couch is a new series by UQ students for UQ students, not matter where you are.

Each week, From the Couch follows the Couch Crew, UQ students, as they give you the lowdown on what’s happening at UQ - both on campus and online.  The Couch Crew take you behind the news, events and happenings that is university life.

We had a chat with some of the crew about their favourite moments from the show so far.

Meet Rameez

Rameez is one of the stars of the show and will be a familiar face from segments such as Word on the Street. We asked him a couple of questions about the show.

What is the best part about working on From the Couch?

Personally, I would say the best part is that it allows everyone related to UQ to get an all encompassing experience of the campus life! Unfortunately, some students haven’t been able to make it onto campus while others are new to the UQ community and are still finding their way. The best part is the whole show is for the students and it’s run by the students.

What has been a highlight of being a part of the team so far?

Working with the team has been amazing! From the production team to the on-screen talent, everyone is so friendly and easy going, that shooting the show is probably my favorite part of the week!

What is your favourite segment on the show?

Whichever one I get to be in hahahaha! Jokes aside, I think at the moment we’ve been changing it up each week and the amazing part is that there’s a segment for everyone, from sports fans to food fans! I’d say until now, my favorite segment was definitely the $10 lunch challenge!

Why should students watch the show?

The show is perfect for anyone studying at UQ, whether on campus, off campus, or in their first or last semester. UQ is an eventful place with so much activity every week. After watching the show, you’ll realise how many things there are to do, that you didn’t even know about. I can guarantee after watching the show you’ll end up getting involved in something that you never knew existed!

Meet Nat

We also spoke to one of the students behind the scenes on From the Couch, Nat. Here is what she had to say about being a part of the new series.

What is the best part about From the Couch?

Through being part of the tv crew, I’ve interacted with a lot more students on campus and I’ve loved hearing about what they’re getting up to and their views on different topics.

What is your favourite segment on the show?

My favourite segment has to be ‘Word on the Street’. It’s the first segment I participated in and it was funny interviewing different students about things that have happened to them on campus. It’s a great way to get the student body involved.

Do you think there is a place for a show like this?

Definitely! I think the TV show is a great way for students to interact with UQ in an online format, especially for internationals students currently overseas to keep somewhat involved in what’s happening at UQ.

No matter where in the world you are, From the Couch is your window into life on campus and online.

Episodes go live every Tuesday at 2pm on UQ LIFE Facebook. You can also join the LIVE Watch Party and share the viewing experience with others every Tuesday at 2pm in the Virtual Village.

Don’t forget to join the Zoom conversation at the end of every episode to chat to some of the crew and meet new friends online.

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