Online Project Management in Practice

Fri 24 Apr 2020 9:00am11:00am



Have you ever wanted to plan an event? 

Have a group assignment coming up? 

Do you need to co-ordinate collecting feedback from students? or 

Are you interested in learning more about managing projects?

This workshop is for you!

Online Project Management in Practice is a 2-hour interactive workshop that will take you through the steps involved in successfully leading and managing a project in an online environment. Whether you are a novice or expert at project management, this workshop will provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with other students and develop practical strategies for managing complex projects in a dynamic team environment (and navigating them in an online environment).

Develop online strategies to:

  • Break down projects into manageable pieces
  • Keep track of multiple tasks and deadlines
  • Ensure that everyone on the team has input and influence
  • Make team meetings more efficient 

Do you already have a project team (i.e. group assignment, club & society group) and want to develop an online project management strategy together

Come to the workshop as a group and make sure you let us know in the questionnaire the group member names (so that we can put you in the right breakout room). 

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