There has been a rapid uptake, particularly from Retail, Government and Healthcare in the use of Video Interviews as a way to keep recruiting whilst reducing face to face or group contact. Amy Wilson from Vieple, one of the largest providers of video interview software in Australia, will be providing a session on what you need to know to ace a video interview.

In the session, Vieple will cover:

  • What is a video interview
  • Why do organisations use video interviews
  • What sort of clients use them
  • What kind of questions can I expect
  • How to ace the video interview - do's and don'ts

This session includes a link so you can practice doing a Video Interview and experience the technology. If you have a question about video interviews, we will be answering them at the end of the session.

Please note: This workshop will be delivered online via Zoom and will be recorded. If you are not able to participate on the day, please register and we will send a recording after the session.

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