Mini breaks from work restore your sense of wellbeing, helping you to feel more alive and vital and less fatigued during your work day and beyond. Come and join Dr Stacey Parker (UQ School of Psychology) in an online webinar as she discusses the importance of micro-breaks and the types of breaks that are most beneficial. You can also join the conversation to share your strategies and how to adapt and apply these techniques to our current COVID-19 world.

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About Uni Mental Health Day

University ‘Uni’ Mental Health Day (UMHD) is an annual campaign held around the world to bring awareness and focus to the unique challenges students and staff face to their mental health and social and emotional wellbeing when studying and working at a university. Join us for UQ’s celebration of the 10th annual Australia and New Zealand UMHD from Tuesday 2nd May, to Friday 5th May 2023!

Hosted by UQ Wellbeing.