Utilising natural objects, we will mindfully create art. We will create without judgement to allow us to set aside past and future worries and enjoy being present in the moment.

Materials needed:

  • Before the session starts, you will need to go outside and collect anything you can find in nature that you are drawn to. Collect one or a few, it is completely up to you.
  • White and/or coloured drawing paper.
  • Any drawing materials you have - colour pencils, felt markers, oil pastels, chalk, black/blue pens, paint, paint brushes etc.
  • Glue or sticky tape.

This group is available for all UQ students, no artistic skill is required, using materials you have at home. Bookings are essential as places are limited. 

About Art for Wellbeing

Cultivate your emotional resilience through art-based therapy. Each session there is a different theme, using different mediums. No experience needed.


Zoom - Register via Student Hub to receive the link - http://bit.ly/uq-art-therapy