“The trick is to enjoy the good and know that even the very, very bad ... they’re just ... moments.”

Part of our Night at the Theatre with Anywhere Festival double bill!

Show Length (minutes): 60 minutes

Age Restrictions: 15+

In this funny, moving story, the unlikely twenty-year friendship between an uptight accountant and a contemplative homeless man changes the course of both their lives.

Join us LIVE on Facebook at 7.15pm on Wednesday 20 May

Written by Tim Jackman and Tammy Tresillian
Directed by Paul Osuch
Featuring Tim Jackman, Tammy Tresillian, Joanna Lusty

Presented by Tammy Tresillian, Tim Jackman, Anywhere Festival and UQ Theatre Festival

About Anywhere Festival at UQ Theatre Festival

UQLife is proud to continue our partnership with Anywhere Festival in 2020 with a range of performances that test the boundaries of what can be achieved in a virtual environment.

Check out the productions brought to the Festival by Anywhere Festival.


For more Anywhere Festival events check out their website and also this recorded radio play, available on demand:

Begotten - a radio play. Click here to listen on demand.

While this performance is being offered FREE on our Facebook page, we encourage you to donate to the Actors and Creatives through their page: anywhere.is/listings/in-a-moment


LIVE on Facebook 7.15pm Wednesday 20 May