Test anxiety is increasingly common in today’s performance-oriented world. Whether you were (or were not!) prepared for the exam, that inner distress was likely an unwelcome distraction that might have impacted how you performed. Anxiety affects attention, which affects the brain’s ability to consolidate and store memories, as well as the ability to recall memories. But what would it be like to have more stability and emotional steadiness? If instead of mild to severe anxiety and the unhelpful distraction it causes, you were more resilient, strong, and at ease? Meet mindfulness.

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About Mindfulness Practice

Those who learn Mindfulness often say they feel less stress and think clearer. This is a free drop-in meditation group for those that have learned the basics of Mindfulness and want on-going training. 

The benefits of Mindfulness come from the direct experience of practice. The 45 minutes will be broken down into several shorter Mindfulness practices to help you build up the capacity to maintain a steadiness in present-moment awareness. Beginners often fall asleep, feel uncomfortable, struggle with difficult thoughts or emotions, and become bored or distracted. This group session is support to overcome these common obstacles. Time will be offered at the end of the session for reflection on insights, experiences, or questions with an experienced mediator. Beginners are welcome.

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