In mid 2019, DATSIP, Queensland Government, announced it would review the QLD Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Acts and invited submissions. At UQ we (PVC IE office and School of Social Science) organised a community, practitioner and scholar’s forum as an opportunity to provide a space for discussion on this important matter. The Forum was a chance to offer the campus as a neutral space for debate on this sometimes contentious area, and thus as a resource for community, practitioners and scholars to come together and raise key issues, as well as an opportunity to connect Community, private and public bodies with scholars and academic expertise relevant to policy and practice. A UQ submission was made to the DATSIP Review of the Acts, which was informed by input from the Forum.

How might UQ scholars be more prepared and available to undertake similar services to community and practitioners in the future? To what extent can events such as this Forum (necessarily reacting to external occurrences, ie the review) be planned in advance, or to what extent can UQ scholars be better prepared to put together such activities in response to current politics, policy announcements or other events?

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