Join the UQLife team outside Cafe Dose for a chill-out space this week, pop-up arts and crafts, snacks and pop-up events from 11.30am-1pm

From 5 - 9 October, Play Week is your chance to fall in love; fall back in love; or show your love for all things sport and fitness! It's all about having fun, getting social and getting out there and giving something a go! Check out the program here

11.30am-1pm Outside Cafe Dose

Table tennis competition,

Novelty sports, and

Chances to win prizes!

About Herston Hangouts

Join us every Wednesday for Herston Hangouts outside Cafe Dose! The line-up will change weekly so stay tuned for updates!

Events and activities will change weekly so make sure you follow our socials to keep up to date!

COVID Safe Events

All events and spaces are operating in line with current guidelines. We ask that you please practice social distancing at all times.

You may attend an event or activity at a UQ location providing:

  • Have not been in close contact with an active COVID-19 case and are required to quarantine
  • You are feeling weel and have not had a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, distorted sense of taste, shortness of breath, chills, vomiting or any cold/flu like symptoms within the last 24 hours.


Outside Cafe Dose, Herston