Decorate a special lantern that will be featured at this year's Lantern Parade, the closing event of UQ BLOOM Festival. At the parade, you will have the opportunity to carry your lantern and then it is yours to take home!*


  • Monday 19th October: 12-2pm (Jacaranda Lane, UQ Lakes)
  • Wednesday 21st October: 12-2pm (Grassy Knoll, Campbell Place)
  • Monday 26th October: 12-2pm (Jacaranda Lane, UQ Lakes)
  • Wednesday 28th October: 12-2pm, (Grassy Knoll, Campbell Place)



In keeping with current guidelines, you must attend the workshop session that your ticket specifies.


All lanterns created at these workshops will be submitted to the closing event of BLOOM the 'Lantern Parade'. If you would like to walk in the parade with the lantern you made, and take it home with you afterwards then you will need to register it during the workshop AND register to attend the 'Lantern Parade' on Friday 30 October. Unfortunately, if you do not collect your lantern on the night we cannot guarantee it will be available for you to collect post-event.

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COVID Safe Events

All events and spaces are operating in line with current guidelines. We ask that you please practice social distancing at all times.

You may attend an event or activity at a UQ location providing:

  • Have not been in close contact with an active COVID-19 case and are required to quarantine
  • You are feeling weel and have not had a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, distorted sense of taste, shortness of breath, chills, vomiting or any cold/flu like symptoms within the last 24 hours.


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