What: UQ BLOOM Festival
Who: This workshop is for anyone interested in art, or who would like to learn about Eve's approach to crafting stories from objects for major public art.
Location: Jacaranda Lane, UQ Lakes, UQ St Lucia campus (access via UQ Lakes bus stop, or via Connel and Thynne road)
How to get here: Check out the UQ website to find out how to get to UQ St Lucia campus



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About Another Future Story Telling Workshop

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Learn the craft of storytelling with composer-artist Dr Eve Klein from the University of Queensland School of Music in this hour-long workshop. During the workshop, Eve will share her experience and approach to crowdsourcing stories and crafting personal artworks and experiences for mass-public audiences. This workshop will also teach a method of storytelling through the lens of a personal object. To participate, snap a picture of something you treasure or bring along the object itself. If you are willing to part with your object or photo at the workshop, Eve will contribute your pictures and stories to her next major public artwork 'Another Future' in collaboration with Ensemble Offspring. Everyone is welcome to come and share their stories, or sit back and listen to others. No prior storytelling experience is required.

Artist Statement - About 'Another Future'

Another Future is a collaboration between Ensemble Offspring, composer Eve Klein, author Elaine Kelly and filmmaker Rani Brown. Another Future teases out the idea of home as the basis of a compassionate response to climate change. Another Future was inspired by Dwelling in the Age of Climate Change, a book where Dr Elaine Kelly argues for an “orientation of care” as the foundation of an ethical response to the climate change crisis. Kelly puts a notion of “home” at the centre of how we, as humans, orient ourselves in the world and how we should respond to the mass displacement of people as a likely outcome of climate change. The work will use found objects (crowdsourced house keys and other items from lost or distant homes) as a percussive palette. Climate data for the Asia-Pacific region will be incorporated into an audio-visual tapestry and live electronics processing will augment instrumentation for piano, violin and cello. Crowdsourcing objects from people’s past homes as part of this work’s creation creates a public conversation about the personal consequences of climate inaction and invites audiences to explore these themes as co-creators. 

About Eve Klein

Dr Eve Klein, Senior Lecturer, School of Music, The University of Queensland

Dr Eve Klein is an award-winning composer, mezzo-soprano, sound artist and academic. She designs large-scale, immersive art music experiences for festivals. Dr Klein’s music has been described as: “contemporary music at its most relevant – simultaneously inward and outward focused in addressing the challenge of its existence and its capacity to produce something great” (Cyclic Defrost). Drawing together traditional and experimental classical music, interactive performance art, and electronica, Dr Klein pushes the boundaries of genre to find new ways of immersing contemporary audiences in art music forms. She holds a PhD in Music and Sound and is a Senior Lecturer in Music Technology and Popular Music at The University of Queensland School of Music. Dr Klein is also an Ableton Live Certified Trainer. Find out more about Eve

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UQ Lakes, Jacaranda Lane