Get involved with a variety of Pacific Island Workshops and learn about Tipare, Ta moko, Weaving, Vaka (Canoe carving) and Pare Ei (flower garland).

Weaving Workshop:
The art of weaving has been passed down from generation to generation. Every bend and weave, like the Pacific Ocean, tying all the nations of the South Pacific together. The art of weaving is an integral element to life in the pacific and is at the heart of every family and village. 

Vaka (canoe) Workshop:
The Niuean vaka (canoe) stands as an integral part to Niuean culture as this represents the connection between Niuean people, the land and the sea. Vaka building is significant as it is a rich part of Niuean culture that has not been lost like most Niuean traditions. Vaka from Niue have a torpedo shaped hull, outrigger float, outrigger booms and small sticks that are attached to the booms to hold the floats in place.

Pare Ei Workshop:
An ‘ei katu or pare ‘ei is a garland of flowers worn around the head that is traditional to the Cook Island, Tahitian and Hawaiian cultures. The word ‘ei in Cook Island Maori translates to something that you create to be worn around your head, neck or hips using shells, flowers or leaves. ‘Katu’ in Cook Island Maori means head, skull or scalp. The pare ‘ei is traditionally adorned for celebrations and special events. 

Maori Workshops:
Tipare - The Tipare is a traditional woven headpiece which is predominantly made of softened flax, but can also be made of other strong fibre materials. We commonly see the Tipare used as performance wear among Kapa Haka Roopu (groups). 

Ta moko - The Tā moko is a traditional practice that introduces uniquely designed elements tattooed into human flesh, that piece together a visual language. The Tā moko signifies an individual’s narrative of whanau (family) and hapu (clan), the left side representing the father’s history and the right side the mother’s history. The Tā moko is worn by both men and women and is considered a huge honour to carry the stories of our ancestors.”

About Mana of the Pacific

The South Pacific Island Association (UQSPIA) in collaboration with UQlife bring you 'Mana of the Pacific', a cultural celebration of all pacific islander peoples past and present. Immerse yourself in their stories, music, traditions and arts and crafts during the day then attend a spectacular traditional feast and live show in the evening. The first half of the day will be free and open to all, but tickets must be purchased for the Luau (dinner and show) if you wish to attend. This is a day not to be missed!


Time Activity Location

Main Stage
Opening prayer and welcome
Pasific Climate Warriors
Pasifica Combined Associations Performance
Live Music

Great Court
12-1pm Living Book Series: Tales of the Pacific Schonell Theatre

Pacific Island Workshops
Maori Workshops (Tipare and Ta moko)
Vaka Workshop
Weaving Workshop
Pare Ei Workshop 

Great Court
1-2.30pm Film Screening of VAI (2019) Schonell Theatre
2.30-3.30pm VAI Panel Discussion  Schonell Theatre
4-5.30pm  Second Film Screening of VAI Schonell Theatre

Mana of the Pacific Luau (Dinner and Show)
Traditional celebration feast and live show
(Ticketed event - $12 Students, $25 Community)

Great Court


Great Court
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