Session 1: 9:30- 10:15 AM

Men's Health and Social Connectedness - making friends with others & myself (in all its parts).

In this session, we will be looking at the importance of social connectedness for Men. This session will focus on the needs which are being met when we connect with ourselves & others. Dr Ah Hoon will explain how Men's Wellbeing Inc is attempting to support the wellbeing of men to create healthier men, families & communities.

He will discuss the guidelines which enable men to drop their masks & share their feelings in a safe environment to a level of their own choosing.

Presenter: Dr Robert Ah Hoon

Dr Robert Ah Hoon was a Consultant Psychiatrist for 35 years working in the Public System. He has been an active member of Men’s Wellbeing Inc for over 20 years & is its current President.


Session 2: 10:15-10:30 AM

Mini-break: Get moving

Join our Ergonomics Advisor for some stretches you can do at your desk and tips to keep your body mobile during the day.

Presenter: Mel Browning

Mel is a registered Physiotherapist and is currently UQ's Ergonomics Advisor.


Session 3: 10:30- 11:15 AM

Leading an active and healthy lifestyle

Across most countries, women are less active than men, but in Australia 1 in 2 men are inactive, while similar to women, men’s physical activity also declines with age. This is of concern given the vital role physical activity plays in men’s wellbeing. In this presentation, Associate Professor Nicholas Gilson will consider some of unique challenges men face in living an active and healthy lifestyle. Specific emphasis will be given to work-life balance and the potential solutions men can use to imbed movement into their day-to-day routines. He will also provide information on accessing free health and fitness assessments for men as part of a UQ study.

Presenter: Associate Professor Nicholas Gilson, Director of External Engagement, HMNS


Session 4: 11:15 AM -12:00 PM

Managing burnout in Men

Dr Neil Hall will be talking about burnout and how it can present in men. Dr Hall will be talking about managing stress and burnout at work and how to respond if you are concerned about the levels of stress and burnout in a male in your life.

Presenter: Dr Neil Hall

Dr Neil Hall is a senior academic from Western Sydney University and is the Director of Programs for Social Work and Lead Academic for the University's Men's Health Information & Resource Centre. Dr Hall oversees the Commonwealth Male Health Initiative grant for Men's Health Week and Mengage website, and his main research areas are in the social determinants of health, wellbeing and suicide prevention for men and boys.


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