Developing your personal brand is crucial, especially when kick-starting your career. The importance of having a professional profile picture on platforms such as LinkedIn, can’t be understated. Get your FREE professional headshot!

Ensure you dress appropriately to reflect the professional brand you would like conveyed in your professional head shot.

Multiple sessions available:

  • 10-10.15 am
  • 10.15-10.30 am
  • 10.30-10.45 am
  • 10.45-11 am
  • 11-11.15 am
  • 11.15-11.30 am
  • 11.30-11.45am
  • 11.45 am - 12 pm

Limited slots available.

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About Career Development Learning Workshops

Spend some time upskilling yourself to get ahead of the curve and make yourself more employable than ever. These workshops and sessions cover off some of the essential skills needed to land your dream graduate role.


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