Market Day is not to be missed with 190+ stalls highlighting internal and external services, clubs, societies and programs for new and current students to get involved in.

There will be lots of freebies, competitions and chances to sign up for memberships, events, sporting teams and more! This action packed day will host thousands of UQ students just like you, who all want to find out the same thing: What clubs and societies are on offer and what is the best fit for me? What social events can I be a part of and look out for? What services are on offer and who do I go to for help? What sport and recreational activities are on offer?  

Attending Market Day and joining a club or society is one of the best ways to meet fellow students who share similar interests to you. It can also enhance your social life while studying, making UQ feel more like home so come to the Great Court and University Drive on Wednesday 28 July from 10am - 2pm to find out what is on offer. We have everything from general, political, departmental, religious, sporting, and international clubs for you to choose from. All clubs operate on campus and will be signing people up on Market Day. 

About Orientation

Explore and discover a wide range of fun and social events designed to help you settle into the new semester!


Great Court, St Lucia campus