To help your prepare your entry for Ibis in Shorts (part of Ibis International Film Festival 2021), the UQ Motion Picture Club will be holding a student workshop designed to teach participants the art of iPhone Filmmaking.

Nowadays, your phone is capable of much more than taking beautiful photos. The different camera lenses and video software available on your phone lets you capture cinematic shots anywhere and anytime, making filmmaking a 24/7 possibility.

But how exactly do you make a film with your phone?As part of the IBIS Film Festival, we'll show you how to access the powerful filmmaking capabilities of your phone. With our workshop you'll learn how to write and plan a movie, film it with your phone and use video-editing apps to assemble it.In less than three hours, you'll realise that you and your phone is all you need to make a great and beautiful short film.

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About Ibis International Film Festival (IIFF)

IIFF returns in 2021 and will showcase the short form talents of university students, local Brisbane and national filmmakers along with a curated collection of feature films screenings from local and international film makers.

In its second year on the UQ calendar, IIFF brings some of the best of international film, and local and student films to Brisbane audiences.

About this year's theme
Women in Motion
This year we are curating a program that spotlights the contributions of women in film. From the pioneers that helped shine the spotlight on female filmmakers, to those that have continued to push the boundaries and advance the art of filmmaking today - we take our hats of to the fabulous women of cinema, both in front of the camera and behind.


Learning Innovation Building (17)
St Lucia campus
Room 202