Sketch Chamber Orchestra performs new music written by the performing members; students at the school of music. The program for this evening’s performance focuses on Semi-improvised music concert that is based on game approaches to music and includes light projections to accompany the music. Sketch is a contemporary classical orchestra consisting of strings, brass, reeds, vocal and piano, led by Dr. Robert Davidson with special guest for the evening: jazz saxophonist, composer, PhD student Marike van Dijk.

Event Details: 21 October, 6-7pm, Art Museum Foyer, St Lucia. No registration required

Sketch members:

  • Demetra Politakis, vocals
  • Alexandra Mison, Pianist
  • Alexandra Dunk, oboe
  • Caleb Hodgkinson, trumpet
  • Max Fitzgerald, trombone
  • Isabelle Watson, violin
  • Abigail Lui, violin
  • Sophia Mackson, viola
  • Prathana Thevar-Brink, cello
  • Robert Davidson, double bass


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Art Museum Foyer, UQ Art Museum, UQ St Lucia campus