About IxD

The four IxD installations were created and developed by students who were part of the IxD Summer Course - “Design of Digital Musical Instruments” in December 2020 and January 2021.  The exhibit demonstrates the student’s exploration of music and technology to create a truly engaging installation.  The initial digital musical instruments were researched and designed to create connections with the audience/participant to encourage interaction and exploration to not just create music but also have a great experience. The installations in this exhibit provide people with interaction with unusual interfaces to create great music and an engaging light display.

All four students have completed or are completing a Masters of Interaction Design degree.

Hexagonal Wall
People are inquisitive to touch and place things in and on places.  Hexagonal wall provides the participant the chance to be drawn into the installation as it comes alive when recognising their presence. Though exploration of various interactive surfaces of the installation the person can create an inspirational soundscape of sound and a matching visual display.  Created by Qin Tong

Dancing Harp Fountain
Water always catches people imagination.  This installation combines the fascination of dancing water and sounds that people can associate with different hand gestures.  The way people move their hands  around the fountain and breaking the light activates a magical display of amazing lights dancing water and uplifting musical sounds. Created by Linxuan (Terence) Gong

Disco Master
Everyone loves to dance and by wearing disco master you can create and change music as you go.  You can create beats as you stomp along and match a beautiful melody that is inspired by the types of movement you make.  While you move and enjoy the music you create others get to enjoy your performance with an amazing light show. Created by Manqi (Maggie) Wu

Musical Blocs
This installation takes the inspiration of playing and inquiry through playing to a musical level. Come and place a blocks on the table and see what music you are able to make.  Place a second or third block to add more sounds to build more intricate and amazing sounds. Move them around and twist them to manipulate the music to make it even better. A big interactive table that allows people to play and be creative. Created by Junxiang (Noctis) Wang

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Forgan Smith Lawns, Outside UQ Library, UQ St Lucia