Home, what kind of feelings and images does it invoke for you?

With many of us not being able to return home, this time of the year can bring a sense of separation, isolation and displacement.

Generally speaking home is a place where you can feel grounded with a sense of safety, security and replenishment. Even if you’re not living away from home, connecting to these aspects can be deeply beneficial.

In this workshop, we will be delving into discovering how you can connect to your own personal sense of home through aspects such as symbolism while using art materials such as paint, oil pastels or colouring pencils.

No experience of art, or artistic ability is required.

About Summer in Queensland

Enrich your summer break with Summer in Queensland (22 Nov 2021 - 11 Feb 2022). Not everyone can spend the holidays at home, so we've created an exciting program packed with trips, events, workshops and activities that will make this summer one to remember. 


St Lucia campus
Ground Level (lake side), Building 41