SWOTVAC Competition: The Most Interesting and Unique Study Spots!

This SWOTVAC, we have asked UQ students to share the most unique or interesting study spots and received a great number of responses! Look at those amazing responses shared with us and a massive congrats to the winners of the SWOTVAC competitions! The SWOTVAC Week has come to an end this semester but make sure to check out those amazing study spots during the exam period

Location Why is the spot special or meaningful?
Joyce Building (37), St Lucia Campus

This spot is awesome because there is comfortable orange sofa to sit on or laydown when we’re tired of study and also able to accomodate big study group with more relaxing atmosphere.

The room has a computer that we can connect to our leptop if we need to do group discussion also whiteboard. If we forget to being our computer too, we can use the computers located just in the building without any partition so we can still discuss with our study group easily.

Near UQ Art Museum, St Lucia Campus

This spot brings back a lot of nice memories for me because I used to study around this area with my friend when the weather was good outside.

Although she is still stuck overseas because of the border closures, I always pass by this place and think of her! 

Level 5, Zelman Cowen Building (51), St Lucia Campus

You're surrounded by inspiration up here with the beautiful AEB being RIGHT THERE. Not to mention the delicious Lakeside cafe and the Vitamin D.

Michie Building (9), St Lucia Campus

When I first saw this place, it was a rainy day. I think learning in such an environment makes me very peaceful.

Carden Queer Room, St Lucia Campus

Well, it's not really unique or interesting but it's the only place I've ever really studied (the women's room next door is also really chill though).

I have crazy anxiety and can't really focus anywhere if there's like more than five people so these room's are perfect for me. I've tried going to the libraries or just sitting around campus but I just feel like everyone's watching me or it's awkwardly quiet or too busy etc. The Carden Queer Room is small and everyone here is super sweet and respectful and everyone is friends and we just vibe. There's a quiet room for if people want to study and there's also a lounge room area where people can take a break and talk. Some times the whole two rooms are empty and I can just study in peace. I just feel safe here :)

Level 6, Advanced Engineering Building, St Lucia Campus

This spot is special to me for study because it’s convenient (close to cafe downstairs, both UQ st lucia foodcourts).

There are bathroom facilities close by and most important there’s an amazing view of the Brisbane river. It’s a great spot to study with friends, there’s also a shaded balcony area on the top level which is great spot to chat with friends while enjoying the view. 

The lakeside of Queenstown in New Zealand

Just look at the view. How is this not a beautiful place to study?

The Edge,  State Library of Queensland, Brisbane City

I have been there to study with my friends multiple times and the gorgeous view of the river eases some of the stress when I have a lot to study for.