Protecting yourself from fraud when paying your student fees

24 September 2019

International Students

Protecting yourself from fraud when paying your student fees

To protect yourself from fraud, use the University’s trusted payment provider Flywire to pay your student fees or pay your fees directly to the University using another of our preferred payment methods.

Never pay your student fees through a third party. Fraudsters may offer to pay fees on your behalf to overcome a card limit or may promise you a discount.

Be wary of students or others who advise they have a ‘friend’ who can assist you to pay your fees. Fraudsters may recruit unwitting students into transferring stolen money.

Never provide your UQ sign-in details to a third party. Fraudsters may request your mySI-net sign-in to pay fees to the University on your behalf using stolen credit cards or debit cards. Access to your mySI-net account also provides a fraudster with access to your personal data, which can leave you open to further fraud and identity theft. You will be held responsible for any actions carried out by someone else using your mySI-net account.

Fraudulent payments are eventually returned to the card-holder. Victims lose the money they paid to the fraudster and find their fees are outstanding and their enrolment is at risk of cancellation.

If you have any concerns, contact Student Fees and Scholarships or phone 3365 2328.

Stay up to date with the latest scam warnings on Scamwatch. Information about how to stay cyber safe is available on my.UQ.