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There are a number of ways you can get involved in the UQ community to help you develop professionally, create an impact, connect with other students and staff and celebrate your achievements. Discover and sign up to opportunities at UQ such as mentoring, volunteering, representation and voice via our portal in three easy steps.

Step 1

Register to get involved, complete one core induction and be ready to apply for all opportunities and community events

Step 2

Apply for opportunities; track your application progress; and access professional development and social activities all in one place

Step 3

Reflect and translate your capabilities gained through the Employability Award, the online employability course and/or creating an e-portfolio

Get involved at UQ

If you are wanting to Get Involved, but not sure what type of opportunity you would like to get started with, we recommend having a look at our list of current opportunities to find the perfect fit for you. Getting involved can:

  • enhance your employability
  • create connections and friendships
  • build your inter-personal and professional skills
  • make an impact on your community
  • provide the avenue to help others

Get involved

Get involved in volunteering

As a volunteer you can engage in the UQ community in a way that is suitable for you. Engagement is flexible, you can participate in one-day or on-going opportunities through each semester. Some examples of opportunities you can get involved in include:

  • Event facilitation
  • Encourage social connection on campus and online
  • Promote and provide information on student life
  • Engage and empower students to share ideas, opinions and feedback

Get involved

What is Volunteer Week?

Share your lived experiences for the benefit of others to a supportive UQ community. You may participate in one-to-one or group mentoring on an on-going or short-term basis.  Some of the way’s mentors can support their mentees include:

  • Assist the tertiary study and career aspirations of senior secondary school students
  • Translate your skills and knowledge gained from your uni experience into tips and guidance for new students transitioning into UQ 
  • Help UQ’s diverse community to practice their English language skills and experience Australian culture
  • Guide students to improve the quality of their assignments and develop their academic writing skills

Get involved

Get involved in Student Representation

Student representatives amplify the student voice through active engagement on committees, boards and advisory groups. Representatives work closely with staff members in a positive and mutually respectful way to proactively shape and impact decision making to enhance the student experience. As a student representative you are able to:

  • Continuously improve the student experience in partnership by helping create solutions to problems 
  • Represent your peers or fellow classmates’ views and opinions on matters relating to learning and teaching 
  • Provide both positive and negative feedback to staff 
  • Facilitate communication between staff and students

Get involved

Get involved in Student Voice

The Student Voice initiative lets students know that their opinions are heard and valued. Student Voice opportunities are accessible, visible and engaging ways for you to share your ideas, perspectives and/or feedback for action in partnership. Have your say in ways that suit you by:

  • Sharing your opinions, stories and ideas at student voice activations on-campus and online
  • Engaging in the NewVote App and start suggesting and voting on issues that matter to you
  • Attending focus groups, forums or feedback opportunities in areas that impact you.

Get involved

Enhance your experience

By getting involved in the UQ community you will get access to a range of events, celebrations, training and ways to enhance your employability.

Connect with other students and staff via our online and on-campus networking opportunities such as coffee catch-ups and the Get Involved community circle.
Access resources, workshops and opportunities within the UQ community to help you build your employability and translate your involvement into a career.
See the impact that the community has made on the student experience through getting involved at UQ, or submit your own stories and experiences to share.
Get recognised for your personal and professional achievements throughout your journey with specialised events and opportunities to celebrate your involvement

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Translate your experiences

Knowing how to communicate your employability effectively in the recruitment process is critical to securing employment, but is it also important that you are able to perform effectively in the workplace. There are a number of tools available to help you reflect, communicate and translate your experiences as well as gain recognition for your involvement.

Get involved today!

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