Getting students involved

Get students involved

The aim of this process is to provide a central point for students to seamlessly find, apply and manage opportunities they are interested in getting involved in at UQ. 

We support staff to utilise this process to help them effectively recruit for opportunities, advertise to an engaged student community and streamline training and selection for volunteering, mentoring, student representation, voice and leadership activities.

Benefits for staff

  • access to a large and diverse audience of 3000+ enthusiastic students each year
  • on-going support to promote and manage the application process
  • includes core safety and conduct training, reducing your on-boarding process
  • targeted recruitment to key audiences

Benefits for students

  • a consolidated entry point to find opportunities at UQ
  • an easy process to access and sign up to what they are interested in
  • a standardised induction and on-boarding experience to prepare them for any on campus opportunity
  • access to ongoing training and development 
  • invitations to community events, celebrations and social opportunities
  • opportunities undertaken as part of this process help to enhance students' employability and may be eligible for inclusion in the Employability Award


Contact the Get Involved team

For all your volunteering, mentoring and student representation queries, send us an email at 

Teagan Stuart - Volunteering Coordinator

Caroline O'Farrell - Mentoring Coordinator

Alex Crook - Community Development Coordinator

Owen Morawitz - Student Support Officer