Conquering your exams

7 November 2019

Exams can be stressful. If fact, did you know...

  • You can easily struggle in an exam by being too alert and anxious.
    • So, start studying early! Give yourself plenty of time to revise.
  • Finishing an exam early shouldn't be your goal.
    • So, take your time, review your answers, and ensure there's nothing else you can add before you decide your finished.
  • When you focus too much on how hard you expect an exam to be, you tend to put yourself in a negative mindset that may affect your performance.
    • So, make sure to get familiar with the topics, lectures, tutorials, and lab sessions, and work through past papers or practice papers.

Here are some other general tips for conquering your exams this semester:

  • Have a good plan. Check the number of exams you have and what you need to revise.
  • Plan out your exam day/s, knowing where you need to be and when. Make sure you give yourself ample travel time to get to and from your exams.
  • Organise a study group and test each other.
  • Set up a dedicated study space free from distractions.
  • Get a good night's sleep.
  • Avoid panic talk and be confident.