Are you interested in the environmental and wellness benefits of growing your own food?

Join Pam as she teaches us simple, natural ways to cultivate food and the importance of this for your health!

There are two sessions for this workshop: 12pm and 1pm.

Learn how to grow chemical free, healthy plants, from herbs and veggies to edible flowers. At this workshop with permaculturalist and Master composter Pam Abrey, you’ll:

  • Get lots of tips on organic gardening and how to attract good bugs and birds
  • Make some heritage seed balls to take home
  • Receive a handout to make your own sprays for pest and disease control

This event is free for staff, students, and the broader community to make the most of.

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About UQ's Wellbeing Festival 2022

Bringing together staff, students, and community- UQ’s Wellbeing Festival is the largest mental health and wellbeing focussed event at UQ in 2022.

UQ’s first Wellbeing Festival reflects and expands on the important factors that help people maintain positive mental health and wellbeing. Inspired by the Wheel of Wellbeing, UQ’s Wellbeing Festival repositions wellbeing in the context of the many facets of our lives, including our physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, and financial wellbeing.

The Wellbeing Festival is coming to a campus near you, with a variety of wellbeing-focussed activities, performances, stalls, and freebies to encourage reflection, connection and highlight the importance of taking a break.

All activities, performances, workshops, and stalls are free to all staff, students, and community. Find out what’s happening on your campus and when the Wellbeing Festival is coming to you below. You can drop-in anytime and for as long as you like, even if it's just for a few minutes! We encourage you to come with your classmates, colleagues, and friends, and to connect with others while enjoying UQ’s first Wellbeing Festival.

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