A Speakers' Corner is an area where open-air public speaking, debate and discussion are allowed. Join our session with Eliza Canabal and Nadia Aleksandrova from the grad school as they discuss aspects of their research and experience.


Eliza Canabal

Eliza Canabal is a 3rd year PhD candidate at UQ School of Civil Engineering. Her research topic is on PFAS remediation which aims to remove these ‘forever’ chemicals in water streams to prevent contaminations.  Eliza pitched her work, Fluorine-free Future, in the 2022 3MT competition where she won the School and EAIT Faculty level. She is interested in finding real solutions to real environmental problems as well as promoting science and engineering to women. Eliza also loves to travel – living and exploring one country at a time!


Nadia Aleksandrova

Nadia Aleksandrova is a second year PhD student in the School of Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience. She works on understanding how bacterial toxins can be used for the development of safe insecticides. She is passionate about science communication and making research accessible to the general public, which is why she joined the Wonder of Science program that promotes STEM education in schools. Originally from Bulgaria and having lived in London, Melbourne and now Brisbane, Nadia loves to travel and explore new places and local cultures.

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Speaker's Corner, The Great Court, St Lucia campus