Freedom from your cage

Break free from your body image

Get ideas on how to break free from the ideas, beliefs and behaviours that keep you stuck in your body image cage. The program takes place over 4 weeks and will provide you with the time to reflect on the relationship that you would like to have with your body”. This program is free and open to all UQ students, all genders, of all ages. You are welcome to participate in any or all of these weeks.

Topics covered

How did my body image develop?

  • Identification of what has shaped body image

  • Consideration of the influences that shape the development of unique concept of own body.

What is my relationship to my body?

  • Building a more supportive inner voice

  • Identifying and challenging  the critical inner voice and the unconscious assumptions about body image

What do I want to change?

  • Identification of personal values related to body image

  • Building a resilient goal image

How can I make the change?

  • Practical strategies to build a more positive rsp with self and body image

  • Compassionate mind training