A Celebration of K-Pop

Monday 11 May 2020

UQLife's Celebration of K-Pop is coming!

For one whole day K-Pop will be taking over all our social channels and our UQLife website in celebration of all things K-Pop. More information is coming soon, so stay tuned to our channels to be kept in the know.

Challenge Accepted!

The #zicoanysongchallenge that is.

Check out this mash-up of the challengers in their attempts at Zico's Any Song choreography. @wanidabonida would by proud! #nailedit .

Challenge undertaken by
@hiyadance @lanigibbins @ciderdance @akflsk @street_groove @mariepanaa @izzylamprey @shayla_07_ @lucirodrgz @vmyip @li7official @hawaii_nguyen @sarahobriennn @anukid @leahz.1501 @qutapsofficial @acjae @iam.phoebeee @sabzzz.c Georgina and friend, Angie and Alifah

Awesome work guys!

#uqlifeonline #kpop #kpopcelebration #choreographychallenge #kpopmakestheworldgoround #challengeaccepted


BTS, iKON, Blackpink, Big Bang - Who is your favourite K-Pop group to sing along to? Don't miss your chance to break out the K-Pop hits and sing your heart out at UQLife's K-Pop Karaoke Party on Friday 11 May.
Dance Class: Beginner K-Hip Hop Grooves
Wanida is going to break it down for us as she takes your through a beginners groove class with a taste of K-Pop - K-Hip Hop that is!
That's right UQLife has taken on the Zico Any Song Challenge, and you can view the results right here on UQLife at 10am!
Get Ready with Me!
Ever wondered how your favourite K-Pop Idols do their makeup. Watch our LIVE makeup tutorial and find out!
K-Pop MV Reactions LIVE
You know you love watching reaction videos on YouTube, well we're bringing them to you as we have a special guest giving you his reactions to famous K-Pop Music Videos, and giving you all he knows about K-Pop - LIVE from Singapore!
K-Pop Trivia
Do you think you know all there is to know about K-Pop? Try your luck with our K-Pop Trivia on Instagram Stories from 4pm.

Wanida's Dance Class K-Hip Hop Playlist

  1. Mino - Fiance (2018)
  2. Loco ft Dean - Too much (2017)
  3. Giriboy – flex (2019)
  4. BTS ft Steve Aoki remix – Mic drop (2018)
  5. Zico – Any song (2020)
  6. Simon Dominic – Simon Dominic (2015)
  7. Primary ft Zion T – See thru (2012)
  8. Tablo - Eyes Nose Lips English remix ( 2015)
  9. DPR live - Right here, right now (2017)
  10. J-Hope ft Becky G - Chicken noodle soup (2019)
  11. Primary ft Zion T & Choiza (from Dynamic Duo) - Question mark (2012)  
  12. Primary ft Sam Kim ft eSNa - ~42 (2018) 
  13. Dynamic Duo - Be my brownie (2014) 
  14. Bang Yong Guk & ZELO -Never Give Up (2011)
  15. MFBTY- Bang Diggy Bang Bang (2015)
  16. Jay Park ft Hoody, Loco - All I Wanna do (2016)

Meet our partners

Get Ready with Me!

Korean make up and styling: Kathy and Kelly from P4pero Dance

P4pero Dance (pronounced ‘pepero’) are a 4 member KPOP cover dance group based in Brisbane consisting of members Kelly, Brit, River and Kathy since 2014. P4pero cover various KPOP dances including BLACKPINK, BTS, MAMAMOO and more. Their most prominent achievement includes performing at the 2015 KPOP World Festival in Korea. P4pero has grown to over 55,000 YouTube subscribers and over 16 million total views on their channel! Please keep updated on their social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook and Instagram at ‘@p4perodance'!

Youtube    Instagram    Facebook

K-Pop Music Video (MV) Reactions

Hisham Tha MC from Fingerfunk

Hisham is a rapper/musician from Singapore, and the leader of Fingerfunk who are winners of NOISE Singapore 2018. He is also the creator of the K-theory channel - a platform breaking down popular K-pop songs to explore the intricacies behind the music. The channel frequently uploads reaction videos of Singaporeans and audiences around Asian region watching K-pop music videos. Join Hisham & popular Singaporean twitch streamer Keisha Sarah ((@keishasarah) as they watch your favourite k-pop videos!

KTheoryChannel    Instagram    Fingerfunk Party

K-Pop Karaoke Host

Vivian Dao

Vivian is a Brisbane-based singer, musician, dancer, actor, film-maker, and artist. After training in ballet and piano for over a decade, she is an active member of dB Dance, a Brisbane K-pop dance crew. Simultaneously, she studies Screen Acting at the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art and is a dedicated teacher at the Forte School of Music. Vivian is passionate about Asian representation in media and hopes that one day, she can make an impact on stage and screen.

Instagram    Email    Website

K-Pop | Inside the music phenomenon with Stray Kids, ATEEZ, Dami Im and more


Welcome to the #KPop revolution. It's the music craze that's taken over the planet - and Matt Doran takes you on a trip to South Korea to go inside the industry with the biggest names in the genre. This story originally aired on the 22nd September 2019. (https://7news.com.au/sunday-night/k-pop-behind-the-scenes-of-the-musical-phenomenon-taking-the-world-by-storm-c-463511)

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