Language Exchange

Welcome to Language Exchange

Language Exchange is a mutually beneficial peer to peer language program.

The program is designed to provide authentic conversational speaking opportunities for students who are interested in learning, developing or sustaining non-native languages. Students can search through the recommended fluent speakers and match with someone who speaks the language they would like to learn and who would like to learn your language in return. The seeker then requests a connections which could be a flexible one-off meeting or on-going for the structured 6 week program. Connections are mutually beneficial and it is recommended that students meet regularly for at least one hour per session and converse 50% in each language.  

Filter to find students

Initiate connections based on reccommended matches

Filter to find students

Practice language with casual conversation

Filter to find students

Share and experience each others cultures

Why join the Language Exchange Program?

  • Peer to peer interactions
  • Make global connections
  • Practise a language at any level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Discover local sayings and customs 
  • Showcase and share your own language and culture
  • Help and support others eager to learn
  • Improve your communication and conversational skills
  • Enhance your confidence
  • Opportunity to learn and grow from others
  • A fun and social university experience
Connect with others when it suits you
Flexible, casual, connect with anyone, no commitment
Join a 6 week program
Goals, structure, weekly check ins, one-on-one, 50% each language sharing
Attend group and community events
Social events, culture sharing, any can opt in

Looking for something more advanced?

If you are looking to join formal language classes and course, visit the website below to find out about application and sign up dates.