Career Development Learning Workshops

Spend some time upskilling yourself to get ahead of the curve and make yourself more employable than ever. These workshops and sessions cover off some of the essential skills needed to land your dream graduate role.

Workshop Library

Writing an effective resume

When applying for jobs, your résumé is crucial - it will be the first thing that a potential employer will ask to see and the first impression that they will attain of you as an applicant. Therefore, it's essential that you are able to provide them with a document that impresses them.

Record date: 20 April 2020

Online Project Management Workshop

Online Project Management in Practice is a 2-hour interactive workshop that will take you through the steps involved in successfully leading and managing a project in an online environment. Whether you are a novice or expert at project management, this workshop will provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with other students and develop practical strategies for managing complex projects in a dynamic team environment (and navigating them in an online environment).

Record date: 7 May 2020

The Power of Networking

This is an interactive 1 hour workshop for students to learn the importance of networking in your career and how powerful networking can be for your employability. Understand how to make yourself stand out, but for the right reasons!

This workshop is will help you in the areas of:

  • The different types of networking and why it's crucial for everyday life
  • Do's and don'ts of your online/digital presence 
  • Developing your elevator pitch