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Female Leadership and Succeeding in Industry

At age 27, Kate Osborne was poached into the world’s largest business coaching franchise. At the time there were over 620 male coaches and just two women. 18 years later, Kate has been named The Voice for Leadership by Femeconomy and the Office for Women and has established a reputation of eliminating conflict and teaches collaboration in winning teams. Speaking around the world as role model to both male and female entrepreneurs, Kate joins usl to discuss the truth behind thriving in a male dominated industry.

Expect to be empowered in this webinar.

Kate shares experiences from her career, discusses what it takes to make the next step and provides you with practical tips and tricks that will help you to successfully navigate your chosen industry. This session was delivered online via Zoom.

How to Ace a Video Interview

There has been a rapid uptake, particularly from Retail, Government and Healthcare in the use of Video Interviews as a way to keep recruiting whilst reducing face to face or group contact. Amy Wilson from Vieple, one of the largest providers of video interview software in Australia, will be providing a session on what you need to know to ace a video interview.

In the session, Vieple will cover:

  • What is a video interview
  • Why do organisations use video interviews
  • What sort of clients use them
  • What kind of questions can I expect
  • How to ace the video interview - do's and don'ts

This session includes a link so you can practice doing a Video Interview and experience the technology. If you have a question about video interviews, we will be answering them at the end of the session.

5 Steps to winning a job during COVID-19

If you are looking to confidently move your job hunt forward despite COVID19 disruption, this is the workshop for you. We will share practical tactics you can use now to score that job you really want.

Delivered by Paul Grainger, the Director of the Careers team at Professionals Australia, this session will show you how to:

  1. Find & Win The Best Jobs: still advertised right now.
  2. Stand Out From The Crowd: by applying to the largest grad programs, so you can apply now & start February 2021.
  3. Set Up For Success: using the strategy that makes employers want to say YES.
  4. Improve Your Odds: by learning the tactics that help you find non-advertised jobs.
  5. Beat the Competition: by improving your job hunting skills to attract interviews, close employers and network for opportunities.

Pump Your LinkedIn Profile: Get ready to rock

LinkedIn has partnered together with UQ to bring you an unforgettable LinkedIn Rock Your Profile virtual event experience.

What’s in it for you?

Connect with LinkedIn’s Rock Your Profile ambassadors to learn our best practice recommendations for building an all-star LinkedIn profile that tells your professional story & allows you to build your online network. Also learn how you can leverage LinkedIn Learning (a free resource for all students/staff) to help you further develop your skills to get you career ready. 

Virtual Internships with InsideSherpa

While we’re all going through a lot of change at the moment, you can still use this time to upskill, improve your resume and develop your employability! InsideSherpa is a fantastic, free resource where you can experience what it’s like to work at a range of world leading companies from the comfort of home.

We'll be joined by Jeremy Grunfeld, Head of Student Success at InsideSherpa, to talk about building career experience virtually and how the programs are being viewed and valued by leading employers around the world. He'll provide some top tips for making the most of your virtual experience programs and deliver insights directly from recruiters at InsideSherpa's partner organisations. If you're looking for the best way to improve your employability during this period, this is a session you won't want to miss.

More About InsideSherpa

The Virtual Experience Programs (created by companies like JPMorgan ChaseCitiAccentureBCG and Deloitte) are totally free and let you sample ‘life-like’ tasks that provide a better understanding of what it’s like to be a junior employee at that company.

By completing programs, you’ll build the practical skills that top employers are looking for, receive a personalized certificate of completion and you can share the experience on your resume and Linkedin profile. Programs are available with 40+ world leading companies.