Men's Health Week

Men's Health Week (13-19 June 2022) is an opportunity to promote the health of men and boys across the globe, highlighting the importance of men's health and what it means to be healthy. 

About Men's Health Week

During this week we'll be focussing on men’s mental health and what we can do collectively across the UQ community to help. According to Beyond Blue, one in eight men will experience depression, and one in five men will experience anxiety at some stage of their lives. Perhaps more worryingly, men in our lives make up an average of seven out of every nine suicides every day in Australia. To put that into perspective, the number of men who die by suicide every year in Australia is nearly double that of the national road toll. Accepting support, overcoming stigma and changing the idea that men need to be tough and keep going at the cost of their health is something as a society we want to overcome.

If you would like to know more about Men's Health Week, please visit the national website here.

Student Blogs for Men's Health Week

Through a student-staff partnership approach, working in tandem with a representative across the university, students and staff have combined their different experiences, perspectives and communal passion to work as a team to raise awareness for the UQ student body regarding masculinities and mental health.

Read the blogs here