Take time for mental health

2020 has been a particularly challenging year for so many of us, and has highlighted the importance of taking the time to not only look after our own mental health, but to also connect with and check in on those around us. With that in mind, and in recognition of Queensland Mental Health Week, we asked our UQ community – students, staff, executives and mental health champions – to share their thoughts on the importance of taking time for mental health.


Discover the 'Take Time for Mental Health' campaign

Part 1: Why is Mental Health Important?

Our UQ community discusses the importance of taking care of mental health from their own unique perspectives

Part 2: How do you take time for mental health?

We read and hear a lot about all of the things we should be doing to take care of ourselves, but have you ever wondered how everyone around you takes time for their own mental health? In Part 2 of our series, our UQ community shares how it is that they take time for mental health.

Part 3: What would you say to someone who might be watching this and struggling with their own mental health?

This year has been incredibly challenging, and in this video, our UQ community speaks directly to those who might be struggling with their own mental health.