Online Health and Wellbeing Workshops

The Student Services Counselling team have put together some helpful workshops to help you look after your health and wellbeing. 

Stress to Success

If stress has become overwhelming and made study and life difficult, this workshop is for you. Learn the skills needed to manage stress differently to improve all areas of life. 


Goals: Create the Life You Want

Have you thought about what goals you want to achieve in your personal and professional life? This workshop looks at setting goals that are congruent with your value system and developing a workable plan to reach them.


Looking After your Brain 

Learn ways to notice when your brain is getting too tired and gain practical skills to take care of your brain to support your concentration and learning. Skills on managing stress through increasing resilience will also be presented. In this workshop you will 1) Learn about stress and its effect on the brain. 2) Understand how to look after your brain. 3) Make a commitment to looking after your brain today with one or more of those things discussed.


Growing your Assertiveness

Assertiveness involves an effective set of skills to ensure your needs are being understood in your interactions with others. This workshop explores methods to develop these skills and correctly identify the best skill for the situation. In this workshop you will: 1) Learn what assertiveness is. 2) Explore power and rank and how these interact with assertiveness. 3) Learn to identify various communication styles. 4)  Learn the techniques to communicate assertively.

Being your Own Best Mate

Are you tired of your inner critic telling you you're not good enough? Has life knocked some of your self-esteem? Or maybe you're discovering a new way of defining yourself at university and enjoying the journey.


Mindfulness - Noticing Breath and Thoughts

Learn basic mindfulness meditation techniques to develop moment-to-moment awareness, upgrade your stress management skills and develop resilience.