Meet your Student Representatives!

Do you know who to contact when you want to give feedback?

Student representatives are liaisons between staff and students. Student representatives work with staff to provide an informed and representative student voice on a variety of academic and non-academic matters, which include:

  • Assessment issues and course concerns
  • Equity and equality in education
  • School and / or Faculty-specific feedback
  • Disability support services
  • Postgraduate student assistance and networking
  • Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander student representation and support
  • Employability scheme improvements
  • Teaching and learning standards
  • LGBTQIA+ allies and support
  • Mental health
  • International student support

Below is a list of some of the main Student Representatives at UQ within faculty, UQ Union and other Division and areas. Feel free to scroll through the list and reach out to them about student matters relating to their areas. Please note this is not representative of all student reps across UQ. If you are a student representative and wish to be featured more prominantly, submit your role to the student reps registrar and the Student-Staff Partnerships team will be in contact with you.

Abi Cooper (She/Her)
I am a Mental Health Champion at UQ. As a part of this network, I am also the Co-Chair of the new UQ Mental Health Student Advisory Group. In my role, I help guide the implementation of the UQ Mental Health Strategy and ensure that the student voice is being represented in the areas that need to hear it most.
Amanda Davenport (She/Her)
As the Chair of the Student Employability Advisory Group, I'm excited to promote student employability and create opportunities for continuous improvement. I hope to help students get the most out of their university experience through my role.
Brittany James (She/Her)
As a School-level HASS Faculty Student Representative, students can reach out to me for all things Social Science related. This includes: assessment concerns, course feedback or general student experience-related matters. I report all student concerns to School Executives and teaching staff at the monthly meetings.
Connor Ryan (He/Him)
As a Year Level Student Representative for Medicine, I am part of the crucial link between the student body, UQ Medical Society and Faculty staff. Year Level Student Representatives are the “public face” and “go-to” for Medical students who have academic or non-academic issues and events that they would like to be raised with the Faculty Executive or Academic staff.
Courtney Randall (She/Her)
Through my roles as a student representative for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), I have been able to work with UQ staff and students to implement two student empowerment campaigns. These are the HASS 'Rep Week' and 'UQ Student Voice Week'. The Rep Week and Student Voice Week campaigns aim to raise awareness of student representative bodies and advocacy channels that exist within the UQ community in order to improve the tertiary learning experience for all students.
Elias Blanch (They/Them)
I am the UQU Chair for the Queer Collective. My role is to support, and advocate for LGBTQIA+ UQ students as well as help organise anything the Queer Collective wants. I run queer collective meetings, manage the queer room, help run queer collective events and I generally ensure the comfort and safety of students that use queer collective spaces.
Emily Searle (She/Her)
I am the UQU Vice-President of Gender and Sexuality. I advocate for the interests of Women and other marginalised genders through the events and initiatives of the UQU Women’s Collective.
Frances Alyssa Cayab (She/Her)
I am Postgraduate Student Representative for the Faculty of Business Economics and Law (BEL). My role is to get feedback every semester to curate the things we want and need in our program, and our program leader backs up on our collective suggestions to make academic, employability, social or networking events happen.

Jess Mills (She/Her)
In my roles as President of the Women in Science Association (WiSA) and Student Representative on the School of Mathematics and Physics' Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, I provide a strong student voice to the table of discussion and decision-making. Faculty members are not mind readers and therefore student representation is important to ensure Academic and Executive staff understand student needs and concerns.
Matthew George Pereira (He/Him)
(He/Him) My role as the President of the International Student Society is to provide support to and represent the needs of international students at UQ. The ISS can provide support services such as Visa assistance and peer networking.
Shirley Mo (She/Her)
My role as UQ Union International Student Officer is to provide support to and engage with international students at UQ. As an International Student Officer, I help to provide opportunities and experiences to international students in order to make their university life more colourful. I have a passion to build a bridge between international students and university life to provide better insight into university life and ensure everyone feels welcome on campus.
Allen Ding (He/Him)
As one of the International Students Officers of UQ Union, I represent the interests of international students on matters of concern in order to improve the quality of education for international students. Through my role, I assist with implementing a variety of events and activities that will benefit international students.
Ziggy Turner (He/Him)
I am a Student Ambassador for the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) and Student Ambassador for Domestic Student Recruitment. My role involved overseeing various activities involving student recruitment including but not limited to; event management, student relationship development, campus and course information and student engagement presentations.
Alicia Steele (She/Her)
I am one of two (Dis)Abilities Officers that represent students who experience disability, chronic or mental illness and neurodiversity at UQ. The (Dis)Abilities Collective is concerned with advocacy, support and social connectedness of its students at the University.
Otis Carmichael (He/Him)
My role as Goorie Berrimpa officer is one of community. As an elected representative of UQ's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, my job is to hear the concerns and needs of my community and if I can't solve them myself, work with someone who can. In the meantime, I organise social and cultural events and even balls in order to further develop a community on campus that we can all rely on for support.
Hanis Lyna Izzatie (She/Her)
Hanis is the Student Engagement Officer and a student representative for the Green Ambassador Program (GAP) Environmental Council. Part of her job is to work alongside the GAP council to provide staff and students with opportunities to communicate, coordinate and collaborate on student-led sustainability ideas.

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Faculty/Collective/Student Advisory Group Overview Contact details

Faculty of Business Economics and Law (BEL) 


The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (BEL) truly values student feedback in order to facilitate co-creation of programs and the overall learning experience. Students studying within the BEL Faculty should visit the Student Program Committee website, which will lead all of our students to their specific program's committee.

BEL Student Programs Committee

Facebook: @uqbusiness

Instagram: @uqbusiness 



Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT)


EAIT students are represented in a variety of ways across the Faculty. Cohort student representatives for specific engineering disciplines can be contacted via email (information for this is usually sent out by course coordinators), or in person, as they attend the classes that they provide feedback on. Representatives within student societies can be contacted also through website information, in addition to Facebook pages and networking/social events. All other student representatives for EAIT can be contacted through details on the website, or through university social media avenues.

Student Ambassador Webpage

Student Societies Webpage

EAIT International Student Resources Webpage


Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sceince(HABS)

Transparent and consultative governance of the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences is facilitated through the use of a series of representative committees. Students studying within the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences (HABS) are represented on a variety of committees, including: Teaching and Learning Committe, Student Experience Committee, and Board of Studies.

Student Representative Webpage

Public Health Association Webpage



Public Health Association UQ 


UQ Health


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

Students studying within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences have student representatives at the School and Faculty level. HASS student representatives can be contacted regarding a variety of academic and non-academic issues.


Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Medicine students are represented by UQ Medical Society (UQMS). The UQMS Advocacy Team is composed of four Year Level student representatives, Indigenous student representatives, International student representatives, parents of medical students and Mature Age student representatives to ensure that all medical students have someone they can go to for assistance.





Faculty of Science

Students are represented throughout the Faculty of Science by a variety of study-specific clubs and societies, Student Leaders, School and Faculty-level Teaching and Learning Committees, as well as Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committees. Science student representatives can be contacted on issues relating to academic and non-academic matters.

Women in Science Association (WiSA)



Contact email 


Student Association of Science Societies (SASS)



Contact email 


Science Student & Academic Administration team


UQ Webpage

Contact email

Queer Collective The Queer Collective represents students who identify as part of the LGBTQI+ community. Students can contact the Queer Collective on issues relating to gender and identity. 



Facebook Group


University of Queensland Student Union (UQU) The UQ Student Union represent the interests of all UQ with a range of student leaders known as the Student Executive managing seven portfolios, which range from Student Rights to Gender and Sexuality. The Student Executive are elected each year to deliver advocacy and leadership to the student body, in order to build a better student experience at UQ.

UQU Student Executive Webpage

UQU Webpage


UQ Union

International Students' Society
International students are represented by the International Students Society (ISS) by reporting to the International Advisory Board. The ISS work in collaborating with the UQU International Officers to resolve any issues international students may encounter during their time at UQ. International students can come to the ISS for academic and peer support or assistance with Visa applications.


UQ International Students' Society

Abilities Collective The (Dis)Abilities Collective is a branch of the University of Queensland (UQ) Student Union. Our Collective is concerned with the advocacy, support and social connectedness of students at UQ who experience disability, chronic illness, mental illness and neurodiversity. The Collective also exists to offer peer support for its members and to raise awareness of issues surrounding disability throughout the greater university body, and in the wider community. We are committed to working with the university administration and teaching staff, and UQ’s Disability, Diversity and Inclusion Advisors (DDIA), to advocate for student rights, refer students to appropriate support services, and help students navigate life at university.



Mental Health Student Advisory Group, Mental Health Champions Network
The Mental Health Student Advisory Group (SAG) and Champions Network brings together a diverse range of students to provide support to and advocate for mental health at UQ. The student division of the Mental Health Champions Network sits within Student Services and helps to ensure that mental health support at UQ is adequate and appropriate for student needs.



Student Employability Advisory Group 2021
The Student Employability Advisory Group (SEAG) consists of five student members from all year levels and faculties across UQ to represent the employability needs of all UQ students. The SEAG reports directly to the Student Enrichment and Employability Development (SEED) team, who organise employability workshops, opportunities, and activities in all UQ faculties.


Goorie Berrimpa Student Collective
Goorie Berrimpa is the Indigenous Student Collective for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at UQ, and our name translates into 'meeting place'. Goorie Berrimpa is an inclusive on campus community that is made up of six student executives who organise social, sporting and professional events for all Indigenous students at UQ.



UQ Sustainability Green Ambassadors Program (GAP) The Green Ambassador Program (GAP) is an initiative that allows staff and students to communicate, coordinate and collaborate on student-led sustainability ideas in line with the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals. GAP is open to all UQ students interested in sustainability and provides resources, networks and events to foster student initiatives on campus.

Green Ambassador Program (GAP) Webpage


Green Ambassadors Program Community

UQ Sustainability Website

UQ Sustainability Instagram

UQ Sustainability Facebook
UQ Sustainability Office


Connect with other Student Representatives across UQ & UQU

Representing minority, special interest and other community groups on campus UQU’s Collectives offer students at The University of Queensland the opportunity to meet like-minded peers and benefit from a supportive environment, networking opportunities and safer spaces on campus.
The Student Executive is the peak student elected body, delivering leadership and advocacy to the university on students’ behalf. They are elected annually into a diverse range of portfolios to build a better experience for all UQ students.
The Academic Advocacy Network (AAN) is a student-led system of academic advocacy coordinated by the UQ Union. With representatives across Schools and Faculties, the role of AAN is to speak up on students’ behalf for all academic matters.
The Student-Staff Partnerships team is here to streamline the process of training and recruiting student representatives. The SSP team work closely with UQ Union and various committees at UQ to recruit student reps, ensure they are provided with opportunities, and receive adequate training and support.