IxD Student Exhibit

The IxD Exhibit showcases IT and Interaction Design student work produced during the capstone course Physical Computing and Interaction Design Studio. Students speculate on the future of human-technology interactions to design works that explore concepts of human connection in a no-touch and own-touch world. Going beyond traditional user interaction methods - keyboard, mouse, touch & swipe - student teams design and develop for novel, physical interaction with and through technology.

UQ Bloom has provided a wonderful opportunity for this semester’s student to produce larger scale projects to bring people together in a festival atmosphere. Exploring nature, light and music, the projects this year have been designed to sit within and enhance their surroundings for the enjoyment of UQ Bloom visitors.

Location: UQ Lakes, various locations, UQ St Lucia campus
Dates: 28-31 October
Time: 4-8pm
Getting there: UQ Lakes can be acceess via bus, ferry, bike and car. To find out how to get here visit the UQ website
Closest car park: Conifer Knoll. For more parking information visit the St Lucia Campus parking website

Above: 2019 Student Exhibits and light show

IxD Student Exhibits - Overview


Aizel Redulla, Amraj Singh Sukhdev Singh, Gai Jiang & Zhishan Yan

A number of Animal Spirit Friends have become lost on earth and require your help to send them home. The only way to help is by activating and controlling the screaming windmills, otherworldly structures that control the door to the Animal Spirit realm. Can you hold your nerve long enough to help?
Location: UQ Lakes


Lachlan McIntyre, Zhijiang Wang, Runan Chen & Wenhui Bui

Participants work together through coordinated, synchronised action to bring to life the tree at the centre of this work. Highlighting the beauty of the natural world, Treenection invites participants to appreciate and contemplate the natural forms around them. And through their shared actions and experience, feel a momentary connection to each other. 
Location: UQ Lakes


Jun Jiang, Summer Yang, Nan Xiao, Yipeng Xue & Tiantian Bao

Ting is an augmented path of stepping stones that activate the space through light & sound. Influenced by traditional Chinese garden landscapes, Ting aims to create an experience for people to connect with each other and their natural surroundings.
Location: UQ Lakes

DJ in the Jungle

Mengfan Yang, Jiajia Liang, Huiya Jia, Wei Cui & Yi Lu

In the theme of bush raves and jungle beats, DJ in The Jungle leverages and instruments the natural surroundings to create a space where people can collaboratively create electronic dance music. Environment lighting responds to the generated music, creating an immersive musical experience. 
Location: UQ Lakes