Looking for Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

30 September 2021

While most of us wait for the start of a new year to set intentions and dedicate ourselves to self-improvement, New Year’s resolutions rarely work. Depending on where you come from in the world, the 1st of January either falls in the dead of winter or the prime of summer – and neither of these screams ‘fresh start.’ Many of us ring in the New Year with post-holiday blues, exhausted from celebrations, and the last thing we want to do is drag ourselves to the gym or trade our sweet holiday treats for kale salads.

New Year’s resolutions are out. The better time to set new goals? The season of Spring.

Spring is the time of new beginnings. The air becomes crisp as the winter chill drifts away. Flowers bloom, the sun shines brighter, and birds sing happily across campus. Spring brings new life, new creativity, new inspiration. Take advantage of that brand new energy this season, and spring clean your life with these simple steps.

Amp up your fitness routine.

Whether exercise is already part of your daily routine, or the gym is a complete stranger, Spring is an opportunity to get out and move your body in a new way. Set yourself a goal that is realistic for you. For some, that might mean training for a 10K run, and for others, it might be reaching 10K steps every day. Stick to something that’s fun for you – not only will moving your body keep you in shape, but the endorphins will make you feel happier and more motivated too.

Stock up on nourishing food.

Winter tends to be the time when we indulge in baked goods and chocolate to comfort us through the cold months. This Spring, clean out your pantry and refrigerator to make way for more nourishment. Clear out anything that has expired. Ditch the processed snacks. Spend a sunny Saturday morning at a local market and stock up on fresh fruits and veggies, and incorporate healthier eating habits to support your fresh start.

Revisit your budget.

Living on a student budget can be difficult at times. If you want to experience the joy of checking your balance and finding spare spending money, it’s important to revisit your budget regularly. Break down your monthly expenses, consider what is essential and where you can cut costs, and set up a savings plan. Perhaps you can let go of your daily coffee, or pack lunches with your new supply of healthy foods so more money can be saved for an end-of-semester holiday. No matter what you decide, it will bring relief to know you’re on top of your spending.

Let go of toxic relationships.

They say you are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. Do the people in your life make you happy? Do they inspire you and make you feel good? Or do they drain your energy, leaving you feeling exhausted? Spring clean your relationships by taking stock of the people in your life who fill you up and letting go of any negative relationships.

Declutter your space.

Spring cleaning would be incomplete without a deep clean of your surroundings. Begin with your physical space, clearing out the items that no longer serve you, holding onto only what brings you joy. Get yourself organised, tidy up what is left, and even redecorate your home to bring new inspiration. Move onto your technology next – decluttering your apps, photos, and followers. By the time you finish, you will feel lighter in every sense!

Feeling inspired, but unsure of how to take the first step? Meet with a Student Adviser for advice and guidance on finances, life skills, and general wellbeing.