• Tea Light Decorating

    4 November 2021 3:00pm7:00pm
    It wouldn't be Diwali without the beautiful lights! Get creative, make and take home your unique tea lights!
  • Henna art

    Traditional Henna Art

    4 November 2021 3:00pm7:00pm
    Did you know that henna symbolises good health and prosperity, with each unique design reflecting specific meanings? This Diwali, don't miss your chance to get a traditional, 100% natural henna tattoo by the Henna Shack!
  • R U OK? Day at Gatton Chill

    9 September 2021 10:00am2:00pm
    What better way than awesome tunes, outdoor lunch and chill zone to start a conversation? From 10am-2pm, come down to the Central Walkway and take the time to look out for others and yourself.
  • R U OK? Day Card

    Card Making Workshop at PACE (Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence)

    9 September 2021 11:00am1:00pm
    Attention Pharmacy students, we are coming to PACE! Decorate and write a card to show that you are there for your mates, family and people around you for a conversation this R U OK? Day.
  • Conversation Hub with Mental Health Champions

    9 September 2021 10:00am2:00pm
    Before you reach out to others, make sure you are feeling okay this R U OK? Day! Drop in for a chat or ask any questions you have about mental health and wellbeing to your local Champions at the Grassy Knoll.
  • R U OK? Day at Herston Hangouts

    8 September 2021 11:30am1:00pm
    Hey Herston! Meet us outside the Cafe Dose as we celebrate R U OK? Day with the Mental Health Champions as a part of Herston Hangouts! Come for a chat and learn about how you can initiate the conversations on R U OK? Day with your friends and people around you!
  • 'Are you bogged mate?' a chat about mental health in rural communities

    7 September 2021 7:00pm8:00pm
    Are you bogged mate?' struck a chord and highlighted that while there are services available for suicide prevention, there is a disconnect in the way depression is being communicated to country men. We want to fix this disconnect. Aiming to boost awareness this conversation invites the rural community about the rising issue of depression and suicide rates among men in rural areas.
  • Art for Wellbeing Workshop (Online) - There is a Postcard in the Mail

    9 September 2021 2:00pm4:00pm
    Is there someone on your mind or in your thoughts that you would like to reach out to? If you were to send them a postcard what would you have on both sides of the postcard? Is there a certain colour, symbol or quote that you would include? How might you keep the conversation going and ask them R U OK? Let’s create this postcard that you might send to someone, or keep as a reminder of the importance of connecting with others.
  • R U OK? Day Webinar: Are they really OK? Ask them today.

    9 September 2021 12:30pm1:30pm
    Tune in for R U OK?Day webinar and be inspired to start a conversation that could change a life this R U OK? Day. Hear from the speakers including Katherine Newton - CEO of R U OK?, Sam Mac - Sunrise weatherman and R U OK? Ambassador and Ann-Maree Fardell Hartley, a psychologist and suicide prevention specialist.


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