Prepare for online learning

Are you prepared for online learning?

As with universities world-wide in response to COVID-19, UQ is preparing for you to continue your study with us off-campus if required. Below is a checklist to make the transition to online learning as easy as possible.

We understand that some learning cannot be achieved online, and we have reserved time to catch up on our face-to-face teaching and learning in June/July when, hopefully, the University returns to normal operations.

We are doing everything we can to help you progress in your study in this challenging environment. This checklist provides a range of links and reminders, resources and contacts should you need them.

How prepared are you?

This checklist will help you see what actions you can take to get yourself set up for, and comfortable with, online learning.

Read each statement and if you need further guidance, follow the directions below each statement.

We're here to help

Technical Support

Contact the Library for technical support via AskUs.


UQ Union

Contact the student union (UQ Union):

  • For student advocacy and support
  • To join a club or society, all of whom will provide an online experience over the next few months.

Student Services

Contact Student Services for:

  • Counselling or advice in relation to your mental health, learning support needs or any other form of advice.
  • To update us on whether you are in isolation and what support you might need.
  • To update us on whether you have a medical condition, including COVID-19, that requires us to work with you and the Faculty to support your learning differently.
  • For more information on virtual and online social activities, getting involved in volunteering, mentoring or being part of a group or society.