Physical health

It can be hard to stay motivated and maintain your daily physical routine when you can't go to the gym or play team sports.

UQLife is currently rolling out a series of online live classes and videos with our partners across our social media channels to help you keep healthy and active during this period. New videos will be uploaded here as they are made available.

Tune in Tuesdays

Yoga Flow with UQ Sport

Get your yoga fix with Kathie from UQ Sport as she takes you through a yoga flow session to help calm your mind and energise yourself for the rest of the week.

Pilates with UQ Sport

Join Gabi from UQ Sport for a beginner's pilates workout. If you've ever wanted to try pilates - this is your chance!

HIIT Workout with UQ Sport

Get your heart rate up and break a sweat as UQ Sport's Holly takes you through a HIIT Workout!

Workout with UQ Sport

HIIT Indoor Workout

No gym? No worries!⁠

UQLife has partnered with UQ Sport to bring you workouts you can do at home

You can still be active indoors with this quick and easy HIIT workout. You'll utilise your body weight to get your blood pumping with little to no equipment needed.

Add a quick warm up before you start of high knees, star jumps and a run on the spot for 30 seconds each. Don't forget to clear a reasonable area for your workout - we don't want any table edges or ceiling fans to get in the way of a safe sweat.

Post-workout, re-hydrate with room temperature water and cool down with a nice long stretch!

More fitness

Total Body Workout with Toilet Paper

In this 30-min circuit, Elisa will focus on upper and lower body strength and show you how you can incorporate household items like Toilet Paper into your workout.

Elisa's Waterbottle Workout

Today Elisa brings you your daily all body workout with nothing but a waterbottle! Don't be deceived by the lack of weights! It's free and you can play back at any time!

Full body workout with a chair

Today Elisa gives you a tough full body workout with nothing but a chair with her high intensity HITT program. There will be 10 exercises in total over 3 rounds with 40 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Grab your towel and prepare to burn!

De-stress Video (Low Intensity)

UQ HMNS students deliver a ten minute stretching routine to help you de-stress incorporating Pilate and yoga movements.

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Body Blitz Session (moderate to high intensity)

Join in for an online go bananas body blitz session with HMNS students using fruit as weights! The students will talk you through timing, technique and progression and regression of exercises. This is a moderate to high exercise session.

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