Welcome to the UQ Virtual Village!

The UQLife Virtual Village is an online community led by the UQ community, helping to bring your everyday connections online. The Village offers students the opportunity to connect with UQ groups, individuals and faculty groups; create student led events and programs; and freely discuss issues, connect over hobbie and interests and learn from each other. The village is changing daily with new services, conversations and events popping up daily. The way you get involved is up to you! New circles, groups, hangouts and conversations are coming on board everyday, so make sure you keep coming back to see who you can connect with. 

Find out below what is currently happening in the Village and who you can engage with via its two areas - UQ Mates and UQ Chats. 

You can take part in the Virtual Village in two ways: UQ Chats or UQ Mates 

UQ Chats: 
Enter the UQ Chats side of the Virtual Village to talk to UQ students and UQ staff one on one. Take part in conversations, drop in sessions or set up consults for various services and programs.

  • Conversations
  • Drop in sessions
  • Consultations

UQ Mates: 
Enter the UQ Mates side of the Virtual Village to engage in peer-led group discussion circles, forums and virtual gatherings.

  • Join student led or service led circles and groups
  • Choose groups based on your interests and hobbies
  • Contribute to and follow online forums and articles
  • Attend virtual gatherings created by your group!
  • Join as many groups as you like!

UQ Mates - Circles, groups and hangouts you can join!

Find circles based on your interests and hobbies. You can join as many circles as you like. Contribute to conversations, discuss issues and problems and create virtual meet-ups to hang-out and make new friends. To enter the Village browse the interest groups below and click on the one you are most interested. You will then be promoted to login and set up your profile under single sign on. Discover what is in the UQ Mates Village below.

Services and Student Support circles
Join groups and discussions led by staff and students and get support and advice through these communities. Get support with assignments, English, digital skills and Photoshop support or connect with different supporting communities from Student services.
Science and Nature groups
Learn about sustainability practices, get tips and tricks for the garden and meet others and share ideas in this space.
Employability and Entrepreneurship circles
Connect with the UQ Employability Job Club and UQ Ventures to discuss career programs and entrepreneurship opportunities at UQ. Connect with like-minded individuals online and attend weekly online group hangouts with staff and students in this space.
Art, Culture and Travel groups
Join group discussions and hangouts with other UQ students based around travel, art and culture. Connect with travel enthusiasts, culture and travel groups or the UQ Amigos!
Wellbeing and fitness circles
Connect and talk to others who are interested in health, fitness, nutrition and mental health and wellbeing. Join health and fitness challenges and discover programs and networks inside and outside of UQ to help support each others goals!
Music, books and entertainment groups
If you love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, talking about movies and tv shows, jamming with others, being a part of book clubs, or all of the above; join circles in these areas and create online hangouts with each other to keep the creativity and laughs flowing.
Faculty, academic and study groups
Join groups and online hangouts with others from you school, faculty or course or simply connect with other study groups to help build motivation
Hobbies and interest groups
Discover a number of groups based on your hobbies and interests. Join the pamper party, dancers group, Pets of UQ, DIY groups or talk to Harry Potter lovers or coding lovers. Your group not there? Why don't you create one and lead your own group?
Clubs, Associations and UQ communities
You can still keep your communities and friendship groups alive and build the community you want even off campus. Connect with other postgraduate students, international students, studying parents and other private groups in your cohort.

UQ Chats - one on one conversations, consults and drop in sessions

Enter the UQ Chats side of the Village for one on one conversations. Schedule a time to talk to other UQ Volunteers to make new connections and ask questions only your peers can answer, or book into drop in sessions and consultations with other service providers across UQ.

One on one training consults with UQ Library
Book online consults with the UQ Library to get one on one assistance via Zoom with software training, assignment support and multimedia assignment support
Career Adviser drop in sessions
Book one on one online drop in sessions with a UQ Career Development Advisers to get career advice, program support and job search support. Create a plan or get referrals to other areas across UQ to help you progress.
Global Experiences drop in sessions and conversations
Book in to have one on one conversations about global experiences. How will COVID-19 affect travel opportunities? What programs and scholarships are available overseas that might suit you? Talk about your plans for exchange and short term experiences.
UQ Ventures drop ins and conversations
Are you a budding entrepreneur? Have an idea, but not sure what you need to get it off the ground? Book a one on one consult with the UQ Ventures team to talk about start-ups and entrepreneurship opportunities available at UQ
Sustainability drop in sessions
Are you passionate about the environment? Do you want to connect with others who share your passion? Do you want to learn more about what is on offer at UQ? Book a one on one chat with the UQ Green Ambassadors program leader to find out how you can get involved and connect with others.
Free fitness consults and program with Exercise Science students
Students studying exercise, sport sciences and clinical exercise physiology will be offering free one on one fitness consultations (with a supervisor present) to help you build a tailored fitness program. Get a comprehensive fitness screening, free consultations, referrals, tailored programs and access to small group fitness training based on your history, needs, medical history and goals.
Conversations and chats with UQ Volunteers
Make new friendships and connections by booking a one on one appointment with our very own UQ volunteers. They are there to help you with questions, refer to services and programs, or just to have a friendly chat if you need a friend!

Become a Volunteer, Join as a staff member or UQ Alumni

Become a UQ Village Volunteer

We are after a number of UQ students to become Village Volunteers! We want volunteers who love giving back and want to build their volunteering, mentoring and employability award hours! As a volunteer you will help lead groups, as well as create content and support and engage with students. We are looking for engaged students from all years, degrees and all walks of life. All volunteers will require volunteering and systems training.

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Join the Village as a UQ Staff Member

Staff can help lead the Village too! Run an interest circle for your division, area or faculty that would benefit students - or collab with students and facilitate interest groups and discussions and events for your cohort via UQ Mates. Or set up a drop in services, consultations or general discussion topics in UQ Chats to help support students or refer them people to help them navigate their #uqonlinelife.

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Join the Village as Young Alumni

We are after young alumni who are interested in joining the Village to help set up Circles, hangouts, events and engage in one on one conversations to add networking value to our students. If you are interested and would like to know more. Fill in the expression of interest form below

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