My Employability Award Journey

3 August 2020


In December 2019, I graduated from a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) and am currently working as an intern pharmacist.

I came to know about the Employability Award when I started my degree but let it pass without a second thought because I felt it was something impossible to achieve for an introvert like me. However, things changed when I was accepted to participate in the Summer Research Program in my second year because I started to feel that I was actually able to step out of my comfort zone to try something new.

As time went by, I became more proactive and exposed myself to new experiences such as volunteering at different educational events and also becoming a delegate for the National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association congress (NAPSA). Through these events, I made friends with like-minded people and gained valuable insights as I interacted with them.  This process also shaped me into someone who is courageous because I started to say ‘yes’ to many more opportunities.

At one point, I realised that sometimes a golden chance only comes and knocks on the door once, so I decided to live my life at University to the fullest and committed myself to even more volunteering experiences.  Through the Award activities, I developed my leadership and interpersonal skills which also helped me to communicate and present myself better to others, especially when it came to interviews. 

I would highly recommend that students give this Award program a try, not just to fulfill the Award requirements, but also as a route to discover yourself and your passion in life!

by Anna Sze Ni Chang
Employability Award recipient, 2019
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)
Activities completed: Mentee program, Summer Research experience, Unlocking your Employability MOOC, NAPSA congress participant, School of Pharmacy Student Leader Program and tutor.