Respect at Uni Week 2024

Respect at Uni Week runs from 18 to 22 March and aims to raise awareness of sexual and gender-based violence.

Respect at Uni Week is just one of the many initiatives UQ runs each year to foster a safe and inclusive environment for everyone at our University. Throughout the week, there will be workshops and events that aim to build up on our community’s capacity to create safe, respectful and inclusive communities, and to work towards ending violence. 

As part of Respect at Uni Week, we have added a new wellbeing assistance feature to the UQ SafeZone app, which includes links to support services. Learn more about UQ Respect and the services you can access for support, reporting incidents and learning more about our campaigns. 

Learn about UQ Respect

Crafts & Conversations | Dutton Park

21 March 2024 11:30am1:30pm
Come along to Level 4 inner sPACE for a shared conversation about what community, inclusivity and respect mean to you. There’ll be fun craft activities and free snacks as well!

Drag Trivia | St Lucia

20 March 2024 5:00pm7:00pm
Yes, you heard that right - FREE Drag Trivia at the Red Room! Join us for an evening of entertainment, education, and empowerment.

Relationships 101 Taster Session | St Lucia

20 March 2024 1:00pm2:00pm
Join this mini-workshop to learn about how you can develop more relational awareness and insight into who you are, your strengths and what you need from the different types of relationships around you.

Healthy Boundaries Workshop | St Lucia

20 March 2024 11:00am12:00pm
Worried you might be a ‘people pleaser’? Not sure what your boundaries are? Discuss how to figure out what your boundaries are and have conversations with people in your life about healthy boundaries.
UQ Respect Tote bag with art supplies in the background

Crafts & Conversations | St Lucia

20 March 2024 11:00am1:00pm
Come along to Student Central to join the conversation about what community, inclusivity and respect mean to you. There will be art and craft activities including badge making, tote-bag painting, games, FREE food, and prizes to be won.
Person pouring milk into a cup of coffee

Coffee & Conversations | Gatton

19 March 2024 7:30am9:30am
Come along to Central Walkway for a coffee (or hot chocolate), breakfast and a shared conversation about what community, inclusivity and respect mean to you.