Join us at UQ St Lucia for BLOOM festival. Find out what's happening across campus for this two week festival. Enjoy workshops, events, celebrations and exhibits in the midst of Jacaranda season. Discover the full BLOOM program here : 

Design Computing Studio 3 Showcase

28 October 2021 2:00pm6:00pm
View the innovative IT projects developed by the Design Computing Studio 3 Build course.
Students enjoying a book reading with their peers

Rhiannon Wilde discusses Henry Hamlet's Heart

27 October 2021 12:00pm1:00pm
Join Rhiannon and Professor Heather Zwicker for a lazy lunchtime chat about queer perspectives, the writing process, getting published and all things ‘Henry’. This event is part of the UQ Bloom Festival.
Recycling hub at The University of Queensland

Sustainability Recycling Pop-up Stall

27 October 2021 11:00am1:00pm
Learn how to recycling the right way with UQ Sustainability's pop-up stall!

What's next? Ideas in Bloom (For future postgraduate students)

26 October 2021 6:00pm8:00pm
Interested in postgraduate studies? Come engage with the UQ community, take in the knowledge and success of our academics and alumni, and consider the advantages of postgraduate study for you.

Design Computing Studio 1 Tradeshow

26 October 2021 5:30pm9:00pm
View the work of students from Design Computing Studio 1: Interactive Technologies have designed and developed including interactive web applications that highlight open datasets from the Australian Government.
Picnic box including cheese, meats, olives and strawberries at the 2020 BLOOM Festival

Sunset Picnic

26 October 2021 4:30pm6:30pm
Delight in a shared platter with vintage cheeses, brie topped with honeycomb, seasonal berries, olives and crackers.

Japanese Fabric Flower Crafting Workshop

25 October 2021 12:00pm2:00pm
Learn how to make Japanese-style fabric flowers during BLOOM Festival.
A visual representation of UQ's newest Student Precinct

Student Central Housewarming

25 October 2021 11:00am6:00pm
Help us celebrate the opening of UQ's newest student precinct!

Outdoor Yoga

25 October 2021 7:30am8:15am
Get active this BLOOM Festival with UQSports free outdoor yoga!

Sip and Paint with Yin

22 October 2021 4:30pm6:30pm
Learn how to paint like a pro with Yin's painting classes!
UQ students listening to poetry reading

Words in Bloom

22 October 2021 12:00pm2:00pm
Do you have a favourite poem, or are you a complete poetry novice? Take a mindful study break with drop-in poetry readings and snacks hosted by the Library!

Sketch Chamber Orchestra: Gameplay

21 October 2021 6:00pm7:00pm
The performance will display new music composed by students from the school of music using strings, brass, reeds, vocals and piano.
Female student networking with peers

Ventures Showcase

21 October 2021 5:30pm8:00pm
The Ventures Showcase is the celebration of a community of innovators and leaders that have grown through Ventures programs and activities throughout the year.
Native Bees creating honey

An Evening with Bees

21 October 2021 4:30pm6:30pm
Join us for an introductory workshop on the lives and diversity of Australian native bees for anyone interested in pollination ecology or sustainable gardening.
Musician playing in twilight at UQ Gatton campus

Twilight Tunes

21 October 2021 4:00pm7:00pm
Enjoy live musicians under the blooming jacarandas.

IxD Music Installations and Exhibits

21 October 2021 4:00pm7:00pm
Explore the design of four IxD digital musical instrument installations that were created and developed by students. The exhibits provide the audience with interaction with unusual interfaces to create great music and engaging light displays.
Students celebrating at the 2020 SSP Showcase

Student-Staff Partnerships Showcase

20 October 2021 2:30pm6:00pm
Celebrate the 2021 achievements of the SSP Community!
Student talking to external volunteering organisations

Volunteer this Summer!

20 October 2021 12:00pm2:00pm
A number of organisations are offering volunteering opportunities that you can engage in over the Summer break. Find out what's on offer via our mini Volunteer Expo.
Recycling hub at the University of Queensland

Sustainability Recycling Pop-up Stall

20 October 2021 11:00am27 October 2021 1:00pm
Learn how to recycle right with this pop-up sustainability workshop!

Blooming through failure

18 October 2021 5:30pm7:00pm
Failure happens to all of us, and it can suck. But failure is just another word for learning right? Come and learn how to rewrite your failures into lessons for success!
Old clothes that need mending

Sustainability Clothes Mending Workshop

18 October 2021 12:00pm1:00pm
Learn how to repair your clothing with nothing by a needle and thread with UQ Sustainability
Clothing that needs repair

Sustainability Repair Cafe

18 October 2021 11:00am2:00pm
Learn how to upcycle those old tattered clothes with UQ Sustainability's free Repair Cafe!

Pathway to Employability

18 October 2021 8:00am29 October 2021 8:00pm
View the forest of alumni stories near the Art Museum lawn. Discover the many and varied pathways that have been taken by alumni after their time at UQ
Jolly Jumper Rig Exhibit and students at UQ St Lucia campus

Jolly Jumper Rig

18 October 2021 8:00am8:00pm
Discover the genius behind some of UQ's first year Engineers and they explore gravity, structures and expansion.
Student doing Yoga at UQ St Lucia campus

Outdoor Yoga

18 October 2021 7:30am8:15am
Enjoy outdoor yoga with UQ Sport during Bloom Festival!
Music Group the 7 Sopranos ready to perform at the 2021 UQ Bloom Festival

Opera by the Lake

16 October 2021 6:00pm8:15pm
Kick off BLOOM Festival with 'Australia's most beautiful voices' The 7 Sopranos!

Maidens Sans Frontiers: Japanese Girl Culture in Australia

1 October 2021 9:00am25 October 2021 5:00pm
This exhibition celebrates and investigates contemporary Japanese girl (shōjo) culture as it manifests in Australia showcasing cosplay, fashion, photographs, video, graphics, posters, postcards, books, manga, and collectibles.

Don't be Evil - UQ Art Museum Exhibit

1 October 2021 8:00am31 January 2022 5:00pm
Referencing and materialising the Internet and its contents, interactive installations and screen-based works meet experiments in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality that require embodiment.