About UQ Wellbeing

UQ Wellbeing is a health promotion program funded by Allianz Care Australia to support the health and wellbeing of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) students at UQ. UQ Wellbeing is guided by a student advisory group with the core focus of ensuring the program is culturally responsive to student need.

UQ Wellbeing exists to enable you to take more control over your health and wellbeing while studying at university spanning mental health, sexual and reproductive health, nutritional and physical health and cultural connection through events, education and campaigns. 

Past Events

7 to 9 May 2024
Take time for your mental health and wellbeing with activations across Dutton Park*, Herston, Gatton and St Lucia.

(*UMHD at Dutton Park will be happening on Thursday, 2 May)
On Tuesday, 21 May, UQ Wellbeing and UQ Life will be celebrating the UNESCO's World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development at St Lucia. Join us for a day filled with cultural workshops, performances and more! (Please check back for more updates)

Your Health and Wellbeing

There are a number of ways you can access support and resources to enhance your health and wellbeing while you study at UQ.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Did you know you can access information and resources around your sexual and reproductive health here at UQ? Explore the UQ Sexual and Reproductive Health website here.

Learn more about the recently launched LGBTQIA+ Sexual Violence and Awareness campaign, For Crying Out Loud, here

Explore contraception resources available to you here in Australia, by True Relationships and Reproductive Health here.

Mental Health

Mental health is a core component of your health and wellbeing, and it can be easy to forget to take care of your mental health and wellbeing while focusing on your studies, work and life. Look out for events like R U OK? DayUniversity Mental Health DayQueensland Mental Health Week and more with UQ Wellbeing. 

Explore a variety of self-help resources you can utilise to support your mental health and wellbeing, here.

Physical and Nutritional Health

Check back again for upcoming Nutrition and Physical Health workshops.

Cultural Connections

Making connections is an important part of creating your new 'home away from home' and meeting new people from your own or other cultural backgrounds. Celebrate the diversity and beauty of different cultures and customs with UQ Wellbeing throughout your semesters on campus. Look out for celebrations of Eid al FitrDiwali, UQ Wellbeing's International Student Welcomes and more! 

Your OSHC and Australia's Health System

Getting your Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI)

An Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI) is a unique number used to identify an individual for health care purposes. The IHI is important as it helps ensure health professionals that the right information is associated with the right person! You can also link your overseas vaccinations to your myGov account and get proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations. If you are an international student or don’t have a Medicare card, you can follow these four simple steps.

Men's Health Week 2024
10 to 16 June 2024
Take time to pause and check-in with your fellow male friends, family members and peers for all and any aspects of health and wellbeing. Whether you're starting fitness challenges or catching up on recent life events, any action big or small can help to start the conversation and overcome barriers in talking about one's health and wellbeing amongst men.

Access the Men's Health Directory by the Centre for Male Health at Western Sydney University:

UQ Wellbeing Student Advisory Group

There are a total of 12 positions available in the UQ Wellbeing Student Advisory Group. We recruit each semester when there are vacancies in positions. Click to see our current UQ Wellbeing Student Advisory Group here.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch about any UQ Wellbeing programs, initiatives, campaigns, training opportunities and safer sex products please get in touch with us:

UQ Wellbeing Health Promotion Co-ordinators — Pamela Doherty (she/her) and Stacie Ong (she/her)

Email: healthpromotioncald@uq.edu.au

Semester Reports

See below for previous UQ Wellbeing Semesterly Impact Reports: 

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