Congratulations to our Employability Award-ees

16 December 2022

This semester Jolene Wywiorski and 74 of her peers will graduate with the sought after Employability Award.

The Award recognises a graduate’s contribution in areas like volunteering, work experience, and extra-curricular activities within UQ and the wider community.

In addition to finishing the Bachelor of Nursing, Jolene has pursued a diverse range of experiences alongside her studies.  In particular, she has participated in the Ventures LeadHers program, participated in several training courses, attended a professional development conference, and supported new students at UQ as a HABS Faculty Mentor.  She has since secured an Emergency Department role with the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital and another role as a podcast host with Eduvidd, conducting CPD-certified podcast episodes aimed at more accessible education for healthcare professionals.

“The Employability Award showed me the opportunities available within UQ that I never would have known about had I not done the Award. It also helped me meet so many people and make connections which have furthered my career in ways I never expected” Ms. Wywiorski said.

“Through the Award, I have learnt to be reflective, and really understand my own values and why I am doing what I'm doing. I have made incredible connections and the Award even led me to a job!

The program is coordinated by Student Enrichment and Employability Development and is available to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students looking to Get the Edge

Throughout the program, students are encouraged to participate in and reflect on experiences to understand what capabilities and attributes they have developed. 

It culminates with an application and interview process where participants must demonstrate their ability to effectively communicate their employability during the recruitment process and beyond.

All award recipients are issued with the Employability Award Certificate.

For those of you considering the Award, Ms. Wywiorski feels it is the perfect opportunity to further your skills and make the most out of your time at university.

The University of Queensland wishes to congratulate the following Employability Award recipients for Semester Two, 2022.

Chamal Abeytunga

Cooper Atterton

Louis Backstrom

Clinton Baker

Jacinta Barrett

Tejaswini Bhatt

Sienna Blanckensee

Jordyn Buttersworth

Pengcheng Chen

Chi Man Chim

Angela Cieslar

Elouise Comber

Harrison Cusack

Jacques Dennison

Mikki Doonan

Tanika Duivenvoorden

Chilmeg Elden

Dorothy Claire Espinosa

Olivia Evans-Schwede

Rauha Firaq

Seng lo Fong

Alexandra Fulton

Danielle Gavanescu

Rachael Gerritsen

Matthew Gover

Sionnan Gresham

Emma Gurney

Kate Hatchman

Jonathon Hides

Eva Holden

Erin Howard

Wing Men Hui

Paulette Ibrahim

Nuha Idris

Prasheek Ingle

Lakshmi Jayan

Brendan Jose

Isabella Kelly

Rajbir Singh Khaira

Kuan-Liang Lai

Yik Ling Lam 

Ava Lambert

Hui Hui Lee

Renee Lees

Toni Lerch

Isabel Lovisi

Kelsey Matuschka

Georgia McGinley

Alison Meyer

Mallika Mukherji

Yufei Pan

Samara Paradine

Manudi Periyapperuma

Hannah Powell

Jonas Rivera

Darcy  Robson

Gabriela Roworth

Tamara Schroers

Samnang David Sea

Amber Senysyn

Dipanshu Sharma

Kusumitha Shrinivasan

Mikala Smee

Dona Sony

Benjamin Stephens

Fahim Sultanbawa

Kassie Tam

Cyril Thomas

Catherine Thornton

Jingyi Wang

Min-Tz Weng

Leon Wiesner

Jolene Wywiorski

Martin Xiao

Fei Yang