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Join the Couch Crew for your weekly dose of what's happening across UQ's campuses and online.

The Crew tackle all the important issues facing UQ students like:

  • Where do I get the best hot chips on campus?
  • What exactly is the history of UQ?
  • How can I go on exchange when I can't leave the country?

Check in each week for this new web series created by UQ students for UQ students.

The Crew is always looking for feedback and your ideas on what you would like to see covered on the show, so don't be shy and get in touch by emailing them at

Season 3

Episode 1: Orientation

From the Couch Season 3 is back in Sem 2!

This is a series by UQ students for UQ students, no matter where you are!

For the first episode:

00:59 - Word on the Street

02:56 - Winter in Queensland

07:55 - Info Point & Student ID Card

Stay close with us on every Tuesday as we bring you hot, fresh and fun content from around campus!

Episode 2: Market Day

We're mixing this up in Semester 2 with fortnightly bite-sized episodes to keep things fresh! This week the crew chat all things Market Day which is hitting up St Lucia tomorrow! Tristan catches up with Jafar, Zoe and Nandu to find out about some of the UQ Union Clubs and Societies that will be present at Market Day.

Links from this week's episode:

Episode 3: UQ NAIDOC Festival

Join the Couch Crew on From the Couch this week as they celebrate UQ NAIDOC Festival.

Rameez is joined by new Couch Crew member and proud Torres Strait Islander Isobel as hosts for this special edition of From the Couch, while Sebastian heads to MyDillyBag on the Sunshine Coast to learn more about Bush Tucker cooking from Aunty Dale.

New Couch Crew member Tom takes us on a tour of UQ's Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (ATSIS) Unit and meets up with the Goorie Berrimpa collective, and Rameez chats to Blak Seed who re-worked UQ's Reconciliation Action Plan artwork for the Team UQ's uniforms for the recent Indigenous National Uni Games.

For this episode

1:44 Goorie Berrimpa & ATSIS Unit Tour

3:56 BlakSeed Interview

6:09 Cooking with Aunty Dale

Links from this episode

UQ NAIDOC Festival -

UQLife Instagram -

Watch Party: High Ground -

Murri Trivia -

UQU Goorie Berrimpa Collective -

BlakSeed -

Episode 4: Ekka Sundae Challenge

This week the Dylan challenges Rameez and Rebecca to make the ultimate Ekka inspired Strawberry Sundae.

This episode was filmed prior to the current restrictions and prior to the cancellation of this year's Ekka.

Links from this episode:

Episode 5: Sustainability Week

This week UQ is celebrating Sustainability Week so the Couch Crew's Maria and Rameez are throwing back to some of our best Sustainability themed segments from the last three seasons from the comfort of their own couches at home.

In this episode:

00:50 How to make bees wax food wraps

03:42 Vegetarian food on campus

07:42 The Smoothie Cycle

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Season 2 episodes

Episode 1

This week meet the Couch Crew for 2021, Maria gets some top tips for conquering orientation from mentor Celesty from the Get Set program and Lucy celebrates Lunar New Year at UQ's Summer in Queensland Temple Markets.

Links from this episode:

Episode 2

This week the Couch Crew get the word on the street from UQ's most recent graduates and find out what they wish they knew when they started uni. The Crew also taste test some uniquely aussie snacks and learn some mindfulness tips.

Thanks to everyone who joined Maria and Rameez in the Zoom Q&A after last week's episode... if you want to see more live Q&As or online meet up sessions with the Couch Crew, let us know at

Episode 3

The Couch Crew are back this week with a wrap up of Welcome Weeks, a preview of Clean Up Australia Day and a Freebie grabbing tour of Market Day. Don't forget if you missed out on Market Day you can still join over 200 clubs and societies at

More links this week:

Episode 4

This week Elena explores the various help and support mechanisms available across UQ, Luke hits the streets to find out your favourite hidden study spots, Dylan goes in search of the closes beach to St Lucia campus to catch some last minute summer sun and Sebastian takes in some student made artwork.

Links from this week’s episode

Episode 5

Get your groove on this week as Tash, Luke, Dylan and Emma duke it out dance battle style. Also, Nadia chats volunteering, Tash finds out about Employability Week and Tristan explores the wilds of UQ.

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Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Season 1 episodes

Episode 1

Join us for the premiere episode of From the Couch - a new series by UQ students for UQ students, no matter where you are!

Each week, join the team as they give you the lowdown on what's happening at UQ - both on campus and online.

This week the team checks out UQ NAIDOC Festival, World Indigenous Peoples Day, social sport, test coffee around St Lucia campus and asks you the hard questions!

Episode 2

Join the Couch Crew for Episode 2 of From The Couch. This week the Crew take you on exchange to Paris, explore UQ's Celebration of Ekka and check out some of the memes from @UQ StalkerSpace.

Episode 3

Join the Crew as they ask the age old question – Gatton V St Lucia: Which Campus is Better?, also check out National Student Volunteer Week, Social Sport and we ask you what your strangest encounter with an ibis has been.

Episode 4

Join the Couch Crew for a trip through the history of UQ (according to Seb), explore UQ's Community Garden at St Lucia, and join Rameez and Cas for a taste test of some of the best hot chips on campus - it's From the Couch!

Episode 5

This week the Couch Crew get in the Talk Like a Pirate Day spirit, ask R U OK?, hang out with UQ Space and explore the animals on campus!

Episode 6

This week on From the Couch we talk all things Mid-Sem Break! Also join Seb and Dylan as they go on Exchange in Spirit to South Africa with Rameez, Dylan and Lucy check out the best vegetarian eats at St Lucia campus and Jono explores Herston campus.

Mid Season Break

It's Mid-Sem Break and the Couch Crew are taking some well deserved time off. So we bring you - the best bits so far!

Re-live some of the best moments of From the Couch so far, go behind the scenes with the Crew's bloopers and settle the argument of who's the best host once and for all!

Episode 7

The Couch Crew are back after Mid-Sem Break! This week join the Crew on the Couch as they share their Mid-Sem Break adventures, chat with members of the UQU Queer Collective, check out some of the hidden gems of St Lucia campus, catch up with a UQ Elite Athlete and pay homage to the Brisbane River!

Episode 8

Catch up with the Couch Crew this week as they get in on the action at 3x3 UQ Slam with UQ Sport and Play Week and sit down with the new Vice-Chancellor.

Episode 9

This week the Crew check out Mental Health Week, explore a new eatery at St Lucia campus, learn how to make a delicious spring influenced mocktail and get into racing gear with the Great ZEV Race!

Episode 10

The Couch Crew is back for the season finale of From the Couch! This week join Lucy and Dylan as they take on TikTok, Rameez and Jono hit the streets to find out what you thought of 2020, Maria gets some tips on finding summer work and Sebastian checks out BLOOM and UQU's Cultural Fiesta!

The Best of 2020

What a year 2020 has been.

From all of us at UQLife, have a happy and safe new year - bring on 2021!

Check out some of the best moments of From the Couch in 2020.